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News from Israel        03.02.2016          David Hoyle

Israeli's fear the next Gaza war is not far off.  The escalation of violence in the south of the country brings fears that war is getting nearer.  Hamas is rebuilding the tunnels destroyed by Israel in 2014 during that year's Gaza conflict.  The Israel Defence Forces  (IDF) believe that the tunnel infrastructure is as extensive as the network that existed prior to that war.  Security officials believe that Hamas will use the tunnels as the start point for a wide ranging attack on civilian and military bases.
Much of the resources of Hamas have been devoted to renewing the tunnels which stretch under the border.  Materials allowed in by Israel for rebuilding Gaza & housing it's citizens has been used for this purpose rather than helping the people.
A further large amount of money has been used to replenish Hamas' missile arsenal & advanced rockets have recently been tested over the Mediterranean Sea.  Israel's aircraft have attacked teams laying explosives down the border & Hamas makes no attempt to stop them & are most certainly complicit.
In the Israeli government there is disagreement over the best approach to Gaza.  Some believe that Israel should continue to encourage infrastructure projects in Gaza despite building materials for tunnel building. Others believe in isolating Hamas in co ordination with Egypt who rightly regard Hamas as a hostile force collaborating with Islamic State.  

They are encouraging civilians to attack Israelis & congratulate terrorists who kill Israeli soldiers & civilians.  Hamas encourages marches to the border fence & confront soldiers, some trying to tear down the border fence.  Needless to say when any are killed or injured the world unites in condemnation.  Last week following the heavy rain in Gaza which caused a tunnel to collapse the 7 Palestinians working on it were all trapped & died.  They have been designated as martyrs.  These were 700 yards from the border & all these tunnels are aimed under the border so as to make it possible for surprise attacks.   Hamas officials confirmed on Wednesday morning the death of at least 2 of its operatives in another terror tunnel collapse.  Eight others were reported missing after the underground passageway caved in according to Hamas military wing, the Izzadin al-Kassam brigades.        
The world's only response is condemnation of Israel & as always the anti-Semitic UN leads the way.  Nothing the Palestinians do is condemned.  The purpose of the tunnels is ignored as is the misuse of funds given to Hamas for rebuilding infrastructure & housing. 
Meanwhile Israel will respond more forcefully than it did during 2014’s Operation protective Edge it it is attacked from the Gaza Strip’s terror tunnels, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.

Stabbings - Meanwhile stabbings & terrorist acts within Israel continue on a daily basis.  Again the world reacts with fury when the attackers are shot dead or injured but has nothing to say about the victims of the atrocities.  In one of the latest horrendous attacks a teenager watched in horror as another teenager murdered her mother.  Security forces have caught the 16 year old who stabbed Dafna Meir as 17 year old Renana looked on.  The mother of 4 tried to fight off the knife wielding teenager who entered her home in a West Bank (Judea & Samaria) settlement.  She also was fostering 2 other children.  An orthodox Jew who was a gynaecological nurse at Ber Sheva Soroka Medical Centre, she treated Jews & Arabs alike. Ms Meir saw her work as sacred & prayed before giving out medicine, her prayer ended “Merit me to learn to identify from health care, with the patients suffering & help every day & hour as much as I can with tools you give me, Amen”.

France - The French prime Minister Manuel Valls told a Jewish community gathering that recent terror attacks in France, Israel, Burkina Faso & Jakarta show that we are in a world war.  He also hit out at France's former Foreign Minister Roland Dumas who said Mr. Valls was under Jewish influence because his wife was Jewish.  He said it's anti-Semitism of the worst kind.
Meanwhile, Marseilles football fans announced they would cover their heads to show solidarity with a Jewish teacher who was attacked in the city.  She was attacked by a teenager wielding a machete.  The leader of the Marseilles Consistoire suggested Jews should wear no kippur for safety but the Chief Rabbi appealed to Jews to wear kippurs on Friday morning. 

Europe - The spokesman for Hamburg's Jewish community has said the security situation in Germany is highly dangerous for Jews.  There is, he said a rise of the extreme right, a loss of political credibility & a terrible fear of naming Islamism as such.  The environment for Jews is as a result very insecure.
Anti-Semitism in Europe is at its highest level in decades a record number of attacks in Britain, French Jews contemplating emigrating, & a challenge to the fabric of Jewish life in Europe & beyond said Naftali Bennett, Israeli Minister in charge of relations with the Jewish diaspora. 
9,900 Jews from western Europe migrated to Israel last year.  57% of French Jews were considering moving. Angela Merkel said last week, “Anti- Semitism is endemic in Europe”.

Jewish shoppers in North London were pelted with gas canisters & a young man shouted, “Hitler is on the way”.  West Ham United fans chanted anti-Semitic insults on a train passing through Stanford Hill.
An Israeli friend of mine said last week, “We are all under attack now, Christians are suffering now as much if not more than we are”.  “We await the Messiah”, he went on.  So do we – even so come Lord Jesus, there is no other hope.  Maranatha.

Brazil - There is currently a stand off with Israel over the appointment of a right wing settler as Israel's new Ambassador.  Brazilian government opposes Jewish settlements & supports an independent Palestinian State.  A Brazilian MP said settlers are Zionist agents who steal land & are an insult to Brazil.
Brazil will not accept Danny Dayon & Mr Netanyahu will not send a replacement!

Auschwitz - A German court has sanctioned a court case against a former SS sergeant alleged to have served as a medic in Auschwitz.  He is accused of being an accessory to the deaths of 3,681 people.  He is 93 & despite pleas to the contrary has been declared fit for trial.

Universities - A French university has expelled a student who told an Israeli in a debate on Facebook, “You don't belong anywhere in this world, you are scum & rats & that's why you are discriminated against, don't blame it on the poor Palestinians”.
At Kings College in central London a mob of anti Israeli activists attempted to break into a lecture room where former Shin Bet security chief Ami Ayala was speaking.
They smashed a window, threw chairs & set off fire alarms.  The talk had to be stopped.   On the same day organisers at a Pro Israel rally had to postpone their meeting because the venue cancelled their booking as a result of gross intimidation.

Jerusalem - Donald Trump, Republican candidate has stated that if he becomes President he will move the American Embassy to Jerusalem!

Sweden - Following the Swedish Foreign Minister's description of the shooting of Palestinian terrorists as “judicial killings” Israel has barred Sweden from any role in a future diplomatic process with the Palestinians. It highlights the hypocrisy of Sweden & others who ignore the shoot to kill policy in France & drone killings by the Americans & British but as always pick on Israel.

Sheikh Riad - An Israeli arab who lives in the Galilee belongs to a group of Muslims who believe the Koran says the Holy Land has been promised to the Jews, not to the Palestinians.  He states “The Jews have the title of inheritance, says the Koran.”   He is currently raising money for the construction of the 3rd Temple.  His Arab neighbours variously describe him as a Zionist & a devil.
His group call themselves Koranians.  He is now in hiding.
The title deeds  to the land of Israel are found in Genesis 15v18 & confirmed as being through Abraham's seed Isaac in Genesis 21v12 & 26v1 to 3.  Not Ishmael as the Palestinians try to make out.

Settlements -The USA & Europe are the first to condemn settlement building by Israel in Judea & Samaria but have nothing to say when the EU finances construction in the “disputed territories”. The EU does this constantly.

George Galloway - George Galloway, the notoriously anti-Israel former British politician & London mayoral candidate for the Respect party, said he would be attending the Tel Aviv Festival set for London next year - as a protester. "I promise you this, whether I'm the Mayor or not there will be the mother of all protests outside any Festival for the Apartheid state," Galloway tweeted.

I hope my readers take what I write as a background to the Bible.  God is working out His purposes & everything fits with His overall plan for the land, the people, the nations, but whilst we have the outline of the map of the end times which these unquestionably are, we fill in too much detail at our peril, as my old pastor used to say.
The Lord bless you & Israel………. He will. 

David Hoyle.

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