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Satan's Soft Apostasy of Laodicea - By Joe Southerland -
"So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth" (Revelation 3:16).
"Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away" (2 Timothy 3:5).
Look around you, watchers! These are the last days and the perilous times. Notice what is unfolding as this nation and mankind at large reject the Bible and thus, lose spiritual footing slipping away from the providential path of our Lord God into the dark abyss of Apollyon.
We now witness what was foretold in the book of Revelation while we live amidst the wretched, miserable, poor and blind Laodicean church just "as in the days of Noah." We now know what Paul warned us of as the modern churches display a form of godliness, yet deny the power of the Triune God.   
Modern churches are filled with an ever-increasing number of seducers and false prophets who twist or ignore God's Word and deceive themselves, as well as their biblically illiterate, un-discerning flocks.  
They sacrifice the Holy Bible upon their altars of fleshiness, weaving their perversions and pleasures with Scripture to create a god of their own making...a god foreign to the Bible. A god that harkens back to the apostasy that compelled the Lord God to destroy Israel, purge the land and scatter the remnant. Rest assured God is not pleased as He sits on His throne and the people conspire against Him to break their perceived chains.

Israeli Official: IS-affiliate’s use of Chemical Weapons is a ‘RED LINE"!!!

Senior official says Jerusalem ‘will not stand by’ if the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade tests the deadly agents.

A senior Israeli official on Wednesday said the IDF would strike an Islamic State-affiliated group operating near its border with Syria if there were any indication the jihadist group was testing or using chemical weapons.
According to a TV report on Tuesday, Israeli defense officials are concerned an IS offshoot based on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights may have recently acquired chemical weapons which once belonged to the Assad regime.
“Israel will not allow a terrorist organization like the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade to equip themselves with this type of capability,” the unnamed official told Channel 10 news Wednesday.
“If we see anything resembling experiments or other signs indicating operational capability of chemical weapons, Israel will not stand by — we will act to thwart such capabilities,” he said.
The report noted while the jihadist group was preoccupied with fighting other factions in the Syrian civil war and was not currently concerned with Israel, officials were closely monitoring the group, fearing it may be planning to test the weapons’ capabilities.
The Islamic State’s possession of chemical weapons has been a major point of concern among Western governments.
Earlier this month, the group reportedly mounted a deadly gas attack against Syrian troops at a besieged eastern airbase.
On March 9, a suspected IS gas attack on the Iraqi town of Taza, south of Kirkuk, killed three children and wounded some 1,500 people, with injuries ranging from burns to rashes and respiratory problems.
While the chemical agents allegedly used by IS so far have been among their least effective weapons, the psychological impact on civilians is considerable.
A total of 25,000 people fled their homes in and around Taza last month, fearing another attack.
In February, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan for the first time openly accused the Islamic State group of using chemical weapons, including mustard gas, in Iraq and Syria.

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EU FALLING APART: Former Italy PM warns bloc DISINTEGRATING which could spark WAR

ITALY’s former prime minister has claimed the European Union could be “heading towards disintegration”, which could even spark WAR on the continent.

Former Italy PM Mario MontiGETTY•EXPRESS
Former Italy PM Mario Monti said the EU could fall apart
Leading europhile Mario Monti, who led a government of technocrats at the height his country’s debt crisis between 2011 and 2013, bemoaned the number of crises that are currently afflicting the Brussels-based bloc.
Over recent years, EU officials have been scrambling to deal with the eurozone crisis, soaring unemployment, the threat of Islamic State terrorism and the unprecedented influx of migrants into Europe.
Britain could also quit the 28-country bloc on June 23, which EU chiefs fear could spark a ‘domino effect’ of other member states also leaving in the event of a Brexit vote.
Referring to these mounting troubles, Mr Monti told website “The EU is going through a crisis which leads me and others for the first time to consider whether we are not heading towards disintegration.
“The EU has never been hit by such a high number of different crises of this gravity.
“What I am concerned about is that, although the EU has developed itself historically through a process of crisis, response to the crisis, and advancement, this time around it may well not happen.”
The EU has never been hit by such a high number of different crises of this gravity.
Mario Monti
The former European Commissioner even suggested if the EU were to crumble then Europe could plunge into another period of conflict between its nations.
He said: “On European soil, the natural state of affairs is not peace — if it weren’t for the structured integration of countries, which have a habit of going to war with each other from time to time.”
The Italian politician noted how among the EU’s member states “the degree of mistrust and sheer prejudices between North and South and between East and West has never been so high and so unashamedly voiced”.
Mr Monti, believed to be a leading member of the secretive Bilderberg Group of political elites, is currently heading an EU committee looking at whether the bloc’s budget should be expanded.
He suggested that amid the EU’s current state of crisis “maybe there should also be new resources”, while he also hit out at the fact power had shifted away from unelected Brussels commissioners to national leaders.
Mr Monti accused those national leaders of pandering to rising euroscepticism across European countries in order boost their own “personal political” interests domestically.
Earlier this month, European Parliament president Martin Schulz also voiced his fear the EU soon fall apart.
Admitting “many people” have now lost trust in the EU, the German politician warned a Brexit vote this summer could lead to the “implosion of the EU” as many of the remaining 27 countries will also want to “escape”.


British MP called to ethnically cleanse Israeli Jews

MP Naz Shah said all Israeli Jews should be 'relocated' to the US and suggested Britain would pay 'transportation costs.' by Matt Wanderman.

UK Labour Party MP Naz Shah has declared that all Israeli Jews should be "relocated" to the United States. She even suggested that the British government could pay for the "transportation costs" of removing Jews from the Middle East.
Her statements were uncovered by the website Guido Fawkes, which found a number of social media posts, including one that claimed the total cost would be "less than 3 years of defense spending," to which she added the phrase "problem solved."
Among her other posts was a link to a blog promoting conspiracy theories about Jews secretly ruling the government and warning that "The Jews are rallying to the poll."
In January, the Israeli embassy in England complained about Shahdenying evidence of Palestinian rock-throwers killing Israeli children, even though she was provided with victims' names and information.

When asked for comment, Shah acknowledged writing the posts, but claims that she has become more moderate since being elected. "This post from two years ago was made before I was an MP, does not reflect my views and I apologise for any offence it has caused."
Shah represents Bradford West and defeated George Galloway in last year's election. While Galloway is notorious in his own right for his anti-Israeli sentiments and actions, Shah belongs to the main opposition party and is on the Home Affairs Select Committee, which is currently investigating anti-Jewish hatred in the UK. The Labour Party has come under heavy criticism in recent months for its alleged tolerance of anti-Semitism.

Labour has suspended MP Naz Shah over comments she made about Israel.
The Bradford West MP has been heavily criticised over the Facebook posts, including one suggesting Israel should be moved to America.
She offered a "profound apology" in a Commons statement for the posts which were made before she became an MP.
Earlier party leader Jeremy Corbyn warned her about the "offensive and unacceptable" posts and David Cameron called for her suspension.
Labour said: "Jeremy Corbyn and Naz Shah have mutually agreed that she is administratively suspended from the Labour Party by the general secretary.
"Pending investigation, she is unable to take part in any party activity and the whip is removed."

'Fulsome apology'

Apologising in the Commons, Ms Shah, who had already quit her job as as an unpaid aide to shadow chancellor John McDonnell, said: "Anti-Semitism is racism, full stop. As an MP I will do everything in my power to build relationships between Muslims, Jews and people of different faiths and none."
The announcement of her suspension came after pressure mounted on the MP, with Mr Cameron saying during Prime Minister's Questions it was "quite extraordinary" that Labour had not withdrawn the whip from her over what he suggested were "racist" comments.


Billy Graham's Daughter: God Is Turning Away From America And Leaving Us To Our Sins

By Michael W. Chapman | April 26, 2016 | 1:56 PM EDT
Anne Graham Lotz.  (AP) 
Commenting on the moral state of America and God's judgment on sinful nations, evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of pastor Billy Graham, said America is imploding "morally and spiritually," that God is removing His "blessing and protection" from us, leaving us to our sins, and that this encroaching judgment is evident in the chaos of the political scene, the economy, and even the weather. 
"Romans 1 describes the type of judgment where we sin, and we refuse to repent of our sin, then He backs away from us," said Anne Graham Lotz in arecent interview on CBN News with host Mark Martin.  "He removes Himself from us and He turns us over to ourselves. That’s what I think I see in America. I believe we’re entering into that phase of judgment, where God is backing away."
At the start of the interview Anne Graham Lotz said that she herself and all Christians need to take prayer very seriously and pray for the United States because, she added, the solution to so many problems is not political but spiritual.
“Our nation, Mark, is in a mess, and you and I know it," she said. "You probably know better than I do because you follow the news very closely. But it's unraveling. We're imploding, and morally and spiritually, first and foremost. And I believe this is the time for God's people to humble themselves, pray, seek His face, turn from our sin, that He would hear our prayer, forgive our sin and bless America."
"I don't think the solution is primarily political or social or racial or economical or military, or some of these other things," said Lotz. "I believe the solution will be found on our knees before God.”

“Romans 1 talks about the kind of judgment I describe in [my] blog, because we think of the judgment of God sometimes as like Sodom and Gomorrah, when you rain down fire and brimstone, or like in Exodus when He opened up the ground and swallowed all those people, or an earthquake or lightning strike," said Lotz. 
"But, actually, Romans 1 describes God’s judgment – and those are God’s judgments – but Romans 1 describes the type of judgment where we sin, and we refuse to repent of our sin, then He backs away from us," she said. "If we continue to sin and refuse to repent, He backs further away.  Go into Romans 1 until, actually, He removes Himself from us and He turns us over to ourselves."
In Romans 1, St. Paul writes, "Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness" because they had "exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator."  He continues, "For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. ... God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting."
“That’s what I think I see in America," said Anne Graham Lotz.  "I believe we’re entering into that phase of judgment, where God is backing away. He’s removing His hand of blessing and protection and His favor on our country as a whole, and He’s turning us over to ourselves because we have enormous knowledge, enormous technology, but some of the things we’re doing have never seemed so foolish."
Pastor Billy Graham and his daughter, Anne
Graham Lotz.  (BGEA) 
"It’s as though we have no wisdom to handle the knowledge we have," she said.  "Wisdom, as we know, comes from God.  Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. When you lose your fear of God, when you lose your reverence for God, you lose your awareness of God. Then, increasingly, you lose your wisdom and you have no ability to handle the great knowledge that we have now at our fingertips."
She continued,  “So, it’s a judgment that to me is very frightening. I think we see it in our weather patterns, we see it in our political scene, we see it in the terrorist attacks. We see so many things that are happening in our economy that indicate what we’re losing is the blessing, and the favor, and the protection of God."
"But, said Lotz,  in Joel 2 it says if you rend your heart and not your garments and return to the Lord and repent of your sin, and cry out to Him that, who knows, He might return to us and leave behind a blessing.” 
Anne Graham Lotz, 67, is the author of 11 books and the president of AnGeL Ministries. She is married and has three children (her husband, Dr. Daniel Lotz, died in August 2015).  The New York Times has described Anne Graham Lotz as one of the five most influential evangelists in the United States.

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News from Israel by David Hoyle April 20th 2016

Anti-Semitism continues to flourish & grow worldwide.  It is tragic to record that Jewish people & Israel are becoming increasingly isolated, persecuted & vilified on almost every land.  In the Jewish press in our own country the headlines almost weekly are concerned with events of an anti-Semetic nature in the UK.  Last week the headline in the Jewish Telegraph read, “Corbyn backs race-row Piers” (his brother) who had defended his brother's “Zionist” slur against a Jewish MP Louise Ellman.  Mrs Ellman had called for a clampdown on anti-Jewish prejudice in the Labour Party.  Piers Corbyn called her request absurd & Jeremy stated Piers was right.  

Piers also said “Zionists can't cope with anyone supporting rights for Palestinians.”  Mrs Ellman has long been targeted by the hard left: at a recent meeting her opponents suggested Israel was supporting ISIS & that Israeli forces were were covertly operating with Jihadis. Mrs Ellman drew attention in the House of Commons to the tunnels being built  by Hamas into Israel & the same critic drew a sick parallel with the tunnels built by the Jews trying to escape from the Warsaw Ghetto during the 2nd World War.

The previous week the headline in the same newspaper read “Assurances not enough”.  Mrs Ellman was calling for more action against anti-semitism & less talk.  Mr Corbyn constantly states he abhors anti-semitism but his shadow chancellor John McDonnell admits the Labour party has a problem with it. Labour MP Wes Streeting said “too many of our Jewish Members think the Labour Party is apologetic to anti-Semitism & isn't a place for Jewish members.”    
Michael Foster whose family have donated 400K to the Labour Party said “Mr Corbyn clearly leans toward Hamas”.  

He went on “People, like those in his party he will not confront, see Jews as all controlling demagogues, malevolent rich demons intent on committing incremental genocide against the Palestinians”. 
One non Jewish man who has been a Labour member for 40 years said that when he defended Mrs Ellman he was called “A Jewish Chronicle reading Zionist fascist”.   That the level of Jew hate was terrifying. 

America  Actor Michael Douglas & Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky teamed up to combat growing anti Semitism & the Boycot, Divestment & Sanctions movement (BDS) on US campuses.  Mr Douglas described the BDS movement as an “ugly cancer”.  This movement is of course rampant in our own country.  A few years ago I met Mr Sharansky in London who said to me. “Please ask your friends to pray for us, that's what we need & it helps”!
There is concern in Israel over who will be America's next President.  Very few want Hilary Clinton but there is concern how supportive the unpredictable Mr Trump would be.  God will have the last word!

Judea & Samaria (West Bank)  Soda Stream has sacked it's last 74 Palestinian workers.  The BDS movement have forced them to move from Mishos Adumin, a settlement in Judea to Lehavim in Southern Israel.  500 Palestinians have thus lost their jobs & the last 74 were denied extended work permits.  In order to achieve their ends the BDS movement hired the actress Scarlett Johansson as a spokeswoman. 
In Britain the company closed it's Brighton store after weekly protests & John Lewis has removed Soda Stream products from it's shelves.
Ahava, the Dead Sea products manufacturer has been sold to China for £54,047,000.  The Far East conglomerate will wholly own Ahava, which makes skin products from Dead Sea minerals.  They hope to extend it's market as well as tapping the growing market in China itself.  They may also move the factory from the West Bank, again because of the BDS opposition.  All my groups to Israel have visited this factory close to Qumran, where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered.  This would mean a settlement lost it's main source of income! 

Gaza  Israelis living on the southern border are used to the sound of underground drilling waking them at night the Palestinians continue to tunnel under the border.  The heavy winter rains have killed 12 Palestinians through tunnels collapsing & yet another tunnel collapsed this week.
Cement for the tunnels is smuggled through Sinai & passes to Gaza through tunnels built under the Egyptian border. Egypt's President Sisi hates Hamas & has destroyed hundreds of tunnels but many that remain are so sophisticated they can even take cars & animals through!  America is assisting Israel to confront this problem & would like to see a solution that would help them with their Mexican border. 

Terror Attacks  Mr Netanyahu states he is “cautiously optimistic” by a drop in terrorist attacks.  However whilst stabbings have decreased, security personnel disrupt emerging plots in the West Bank on a nightly basis.

Travel  Israel has warned its citizens to take great care in travelling to Europe & North America, to be vigilant & extra careful among crowds.  Last week they put out an advisory to all Jewish visitors to Turkey to leave!  Sinai too is under severe threat warnings.  Many Israelis like to go to Sinai only a couple of miles from Eilat as Eilat is much more expensive than Egypt.

Jerusalem  was rocked by a rush hour bomb on a bus.  21 people were injured, 2 seriously.  This happened during the evening rush hour in a busy area of the city, Talpiov.  The explosion set fire to a second bus & several cars.  Hamas has claimed responsibility.  

New York  An Israeli tourist who fell asleep on a subway bench in Manhattan was stabbed in the neck, hands & arms.  Dressed in Hasidic clothing & on his way to the diamond district he had lost his way.  

Golan Heights  Mr Netanyahu has vowed that the Golan Heights would “forever” remain in Israel's hands as he took the cabinet there for a meeting.  He was allaying any fears that Israel would give in to pressure to vacate the Golan and abandon its 20,000 Jews there.

UK Universities  The Chairman of Oxford University Labour Club has resigned because of its anti Semitism & poisonous attitude to minorities, also because of its support for a series of lectures against Israeli settlements & for Israel Apartheid Week.  Mr Chalmers who made the protest is not Jewish!  At the School of Oriental Studies the Jewish Society President said she was “too scared to go anywhere” after students voted to academically boycott Israel.  Earlier this year an Israeli speaker cut short his lecture at Kings College London due to violent demonstrations by pro Palestinian activists.  A Jewish student told the student newspaper Tab that their schools were advising Jewish students not to go to certain universities.

Iron Dome  Israel's anti missile system is now reported to be much superior to that introduced 5 years ago.  Along with David's Sling is Israel's other defence system, almost any incoming rockets can now be intercepted.

Tarfzq Abbass son of the Palestinian President Mahmood Abbass has an investment of $982,000 in an investment company according to the Panama Papers.  Where did that come from?

Donald Trump  said last week “In my opinion Barak Obama has been tremendously disloyal to Israel & yet my Jewish friends go out & fund raise for him all the time.  Some day they will explain to me what they are doing”.  

Iran is planning to buy war planes from Russia.  Discussions are ongoing.

Samaria  Whilst Israelis were asleep IDF forces were hard at work in Samaria locating illegal weapons. They discovered M16 assault rifles, pistols, bullets, night vision goggles, binoculars & other military equipment.

Germany  At a time of rising anti Semitism in Germany Jews look on the influx of Arab Muslims with concern.  Whilst in favour of not closing Germany's borders to refugees, they ask, will it bring more anti Israel sentiment?

As we look around the world & see anti Semitism on every hand & see the line up of the nations we must surely agree that as in the days of Belshazzar & the fall of Babylon “the writing is on the wall”.  Jesus is coming soon.  Are you ready? Everything points to the fact that soon we shall be with the Lord – if we trust in Him.  Israel's growing isolation, according to scripture is our most compelling sign of the King's coming.  Watch Israel “God's Prophetic Clock” but above all keep looking up!




The Shaking Continues: The Most 

Dangerous Volcano In Mexico 

Has Erupted (More At):


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How The Mass Media is Spinning the “Panama Papers” to the Elite’s Advantage!!

Described as the “biggest data leak in modern journalism”, the Panama Papers reveal global corruption of the financial elite. This “leak” is however carefully controlled and targeted towards specific individuals in order to serve the true elite’s agenda.
An anonymous source contacted journalists around the world a year ago and provided them with over 2.6 terabytes of data from Mossack Fonseca, a notorious Panamanian law firm which sells anonymous offshore companies to the financial elite. The documents were obtained by the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).
On April 3rd, several news sources revealed simultaneously the story, effectively centering worldwide media attention around this single issue. The massive leak – dubbed the Panama Papers – includes over 11.5 million documents and implicates 72 current and former heads of state. 


Israeli general warns of 'devastating war' with Hezbollah

FILE - In this Sunday July 16, 2006 file photo, black smoke rises from the demolished headquarters of Hezbollah in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon, following Israeli air strikes. A top Israeli military leader on Wednesday April 20, 2016, issued a stern warning to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, saying any future war between the two enemies will unleash “devastating” damage on Lebanon. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian, File)
FILE - In this Sunday July 16, 2006 file photo, black smoke rises from the demolished headquarters of Hezbollah in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon, following Israeli air strikes. A top Israeli military leader on Wednesday April 20, 2016, issued a stern warning to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, saying any future war between the two enemies will unleash “devastating” damage on Lebanon. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian, File) (The Associated Press)
A top Israeli military leader on Wednesday issued a stern warning to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, saying any future war between the two enemies will unleash "devastating" damage on Lebanon.
Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, Israel's deputy chief of staff, told foreign journalists that Hezbollah has developed capabilities that present "unprecedented" threats to Israel. Israel estimates the group has over 100,000 rockets and missiles in its arsenal.
Golan said any future war will be "much harsher" than anything experienced in the past 20 years.
"In any future crisis, they are not going to see a small war in Lebanon. It's going to be decisive. It's going to be full-scale war," he said.
"That could create devastating damage to Lebanon," including in civilian areas, where he said Hezbollah hides and operates. "There is no other way to take out this threat without ... creating large damage to the Lebanese infrastructure, to Lebanese houses and other civilian facilities."
Israel and Hezbollah fought a monthlong war in the summer of 2006 that ended in a stalemate.
The fighting killed about 1,200 Lebanese, including hundreds of civilians, and about 160 Israelis. Israeli airstrikes caused heavy damage to Lebanon's infrastructure, while Lebanon fired several thousand rockets into Israel. Israeli officials say Hezbollah's improved missile arsenal is now capable of striking virtually anywhere in the country.