Monday, 28 November 2011


A tribe in Papua New Guinea has been found singing "Shema Israel", and recorded on video.

This tribe was left a Bible some time ago in their language, but no missionary was there to guide them, so they just began to read it, line upon line.

As a result they accepted Yeshua in a born-again experience, got water baptised, and got filled with the Holy Spirit. They were never taught by anyone except the Lord!

Also they knew nothing about Christmas, or Easter, or the "Sabbath" on Sunday (as these are not mentioned in scripture,) but all the Biblical celebrations (Trumpets, Tabernacles, Passover, Pentecost - PLUS the Sabbath on the seventh day).

Their rendition of the "shema" is what every observant Jew declares daily.

See the link below to hear more of this fascinating story.


Sunday, 27 November 2011


Hello Again Everyone,

I have just come across a splendid website blog called "Tracking Bible Prophecy". It looks very interesting and also gives permission for "in context" reproduction.

I recommend it you for your tracking of so many Biblical prophesies taking place in the world before our very eyes. The link is

The other excellent website for up to date prophetic news, and one I have been recommending for some time now is

Before I close this posting, can I just offer a praise point from my family. My son Tim, has been offered an ideal job with the Holiday and Tour company "Great Rail Journeys", based here in York, full-time, well paid and covering his real passions of Travel and Railways. He starts next Monday. As a whole family we praise the Lord and thank the many who prayed, waited and trusted our God.

Blessings To You All,


Monday, 21 November 2011


My wife Gilly, my mother Kathleen, and I  have just enjoyed a tremendous weekend in South East Wales, meeting many new friends, and also re-acquainting ourselves with many old friends and supporters!

On Friday evening, the 18th November, I made my speaking debut at the Ebbw Vale PWMI, and my message on "The Shaking Of All Things" seemed to be well received by the audience of approx fifty saints of God. The singing was typically Welsh, that is loud, from the heart, and a lovely joyful noise unto the Lord.

The local Pastor, Jason Pennington from Manchester made us all feel very welcome, as did Dulcie and Marion, who organise the Ebbw Vale branch, and also the PWMI's Byron Jones who was a great help in chairing the proceedings.

On the Saturday we took a double seminar at Nancy Williams' delightful 17th century farmhouse in Bassaleg, near Newport, titled "Wisdom And Strength in the Last Days", looking at current world events, and discussing the nearness of the approaching Rapture of the Church to glory. This was our fourth visit to Nancy's in the last three years or so, and we always receive a very warm welcome there.

The meeting area was so crowded that we had to use the overflow room at the back, but as it was being recorded and beamed live into this room, no one missed out. The meetings were scheduled to finish around 4.30pm, but there were so many questions in the Q&A session, that we did not finish until nearly 6pm!

Even then we were treated to another splendid time of fellowship as fifteen of us had a lovely meal together at Nancy's, interspersed with some excellent fellowship, friendship, and discussion.

The weekend concluded with the Sunday morning service at the City of Refuge Church in Bassaleg, where once again, the joint pastors of Tony Spearing and Ron Crahart made us all feel very much at home

The two meetings at Nancy's Farm were recorded by our good friend Keith Cline from Bristol, and you can obtain DVD copies by writing to him at

The Sunday morning service was also recorded, and is available by download from the City of Refuge website, or by contacting me.

Many thanks to everyone who made the three of us feel "one of them" in every way, and also to the many people who travelled many miles to be in attendance at the three venues.

We are coming back to Newport and Bassaleg for another long weekend of ministry and fellowship in February, and all of the details will be here on this blog in due course.

In the meanwhile, you can obtain all of the info of this visit from Neville Stephens, the Secretary of the Newport PWMI branch, at his blog at

Maranatha Blessings To You All,

Saturday, 19 November 2011


Weekend Of Bible Prophecy Meetings In South Wales On w/e 18TH/19TH/20TH November. 
 Ebbw Vale on Friday will be "THE SHAKING OF ALL THINGS" from  Heb12:25-29 and Haggai 2:6-7.   

On Sunday, the 20th, Brian will teach at the Sunday morning service at the City Of Refuge Church, in Newport.    


Sunday, 13 November 2011


Here is an excellent response by Jacob Prasch, from Moriel Ministies, who was in the Revelation audience to hear the deabte:

"What people might not have known concerning the Revelation TV debate between Dr. Calvin Smith and Stephen Sizer was that Sizer’s precondition was that the debate remain theological and doctrinal, not political, to which Dr. Smith and Revelation TV pre-agreed.

Once Sizer lost the debate point after point to Calvin Smith’s solid exegesis, Sizer cheated, moving the goal posts that he himself set and shifted to a bursting tirade of emotive and biased political rhetoric and one sided propaganda stating half truths and de facto lies as if they were fact.

His misrepresentation of his TV appearance in Iran was a hypocritical travesty characteristic of Mr. Sizer. It was funded by the Iranian government and sponsored by a Jew-hating institute of holocaust deniers, while Iran was in the process of murdering Evangelical Christians and pastors for their faith. In contrast, Israel protects the human rights and religious freedom of Middle Eastern Christians.

We applaud the performance by Calvin Smith and rejoice that the Lord indeed granted him an academic and polemic victory against this deceiver. Sizer as usual proved himself to be doctrinally and theologically inept, such as saying he was aware of no New Testament references to the Jews returning to the land of Israel as if such passages as Luke 21:24 and Matthew 23:39 did not exist. Sizer’s covenant theology presuppositions, obvious lack of exegetical ability, and his prejudicial agenda combined to display him as a theological incompetent, or in the estimation of some: a virtual charlatan.

People such as Rosh Pinna are utterly correct in their assessment that Sizer, as Arafat did, who speaks one way to Christians but another to others. Sizer should be challenged about remarks ascribed to him that the treachery of Muammar Gaddafi was because Gaddafi was of Jewish ancestry. Such remarks, if true, would reveal Sizer not as a mere anti Zionist but as an anti Semite, proving Sizer’s claims towards philo-Semitism a demonstrable lie.

Sizer has made Israel a scapegoat for the sorry condition of his own denominational affiliation. His Anglican diocese lost the moral battle over homosexual and lesbian ordination and forfeited control of the Church of England to theological liberals and ecumenists.  His own church has committed spiritual, doctrinal and moral suicide, rejecting their own 39 articles, and divert attention away from their moral and theological bankruptcy by villainizing Israel, a nation that protects Arab Christians, while Islam, Hamas, and the Palestinian authority persecutes them. This resembles nothing more than membership in the traditional centuries old European ‘kick the Jew’ club.

We again express our gratitude to the Lord for Calvin’s fine performance and additionally pay tribute to Calvin for having abided by the pre-agreed rules set by Sizer himself. Sizer demonstrably lost the theological debate, breaking his own rules, in desperation to salvage his doctrinally and factually hollow cause.

My own acceptance for a TV debate with Stephen Sizer stands, even after he ran away from one previously agreed upon.
Jacob Prasch.

Click here to view the debate with Calvin Smith and Stephen Sizer.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Two Middle East  mothers are sitting in a cafe chatting over a plate of tabouli and a  pint of goat's milk.
The older of the mothers pulls a bag out of  her purse and starts flipping through photos. And they start  reminiscing.
'This is my oldest son Mohammed. He would be 24  years old now.'

'Yes, I  remember him as a baby' says the other mother cheerfully.
'He's a martyr  now though' mum confides.
'Oh, so sad  dear' says the other.

'And this is my  second son Kalid. He would be 21'. 'Oh, I remember  him,' says the other happily, 'he had such curly hair when he was  born.'
'He's a martyr too' says mum quietly.
'Oh, gracious  me ...' Says the other.

'And this is my  third son.. My baby. My beautiful Ahmed. He would be 18, she  whispers.' 'Yes' says the friend enthusiastically, 'I remember  when he first started school'
'He's a martyr also,' says mum,  with tears in her eyes.

After a pause  and a deep sigh, the second Muslim mother looks wistfully at the  photographs and says...

'They blow up  so fast, don't they?'