Monday, 10 April 2017


Whilst anti-Semitism continues to flourish worldwide and not least in the UK let's take the better news first.
In a change of emphasis at the UN, Britain has stated it will vote against all future UN Human Rights Council resolutions on Israel's conduct in the occupied territories (Judea & Samaria) until the body ends its "disproportionate bias" against the Jewish State. This has been described as a moral breakthrough.

Boris Johnson attacked the UNHCR condemnation of Israeli bombing of Hezbullah's positions on the Golan Heights as a 'profound absurdity'. He went on "condemning Israel's policy on the Golan is preposterous when all over the region we have seen the most appalling barbarity by the Assad regime". The UK United Nations Mission said "Israel is a population of 8 million in a world of 7 billion yet since its foundation, the Human Rights Council has adopted 135 country-specific resolutions of which 68 have been against Israel!" "Syria's regime butchers people daily! We cannot accept the perverse message sent out by a Syria Golan resolution that singles out Israel, as Assad slaughters his own people".

A Whitehall source said "If you thought Stephen Harper (former Canadian PM) was pro Israel, just you wait! Mr Harper was perhaps the most vocal supporter of Israel that Israel has ever had as an ally. Praise God that Mrs May might yet rival him for the accolade!
Nick Timothy, Mrs May's Joint Chief of Staff has been described as someone who, if he was a journalist might edit the Jewish Chronicle.
May be the long standing Arab bias in our Foreign Office is yielding to a more honest and realistic agenda, promoted by Boris Johnson and Teresa May. Let's hope so. Watch this space.

Unfortunately the UK also supported 2 UNHCR resolutions last Friday, condemning Israel. One often notes that politicians speak "with forked tongue", the test will come when future votes take place.
A start to this might come when our Government stop calling Judea and Samaria, occupied territory.

The World Health Organisation absurdly singled out Israel as the only country in the world that violates health rights. Outrageous! Will the UK vote against that! If not it will lose credibility.

Scotland - A talk by an anti-Israel activist called Jackie Walker in a Church Hall was called off following the intervention of the Bishop of Edinburgh . Later Ms Walker spoke outside the Church saying opposition to a Jewish State remains a legitimate and honourable position.

Ireland - A decision to allow a conference challenging Israel's right to exist has been described as shameful by one of the City of Cork's leading political figures. The event will feature Richard Falk, who labelled Israel an apartheid State.
Counsellor Kenneth O'Flynn said "If a three day conference was held in Tel Aviv questioning Ireland's right to exist we would be outraged. It is shameful that our City Hall would give this conference a space".

Middle East Peace - Settlers in Israel fear a push for peace from Mr Netanyahu and President Trump.
Following Mr Trumps invitation to President Abbas to visit Washington, normally speaking, Mr Netanyahu might have seen warning lights but outwardly he seems calm. One settler said "Netanyahu can't say no to Trump".
It would indeed be difficult to impose on invitations by Mt Trumps friendly administration. Certainly Mr Obama was deeply hostile.
With the outstanding Nikki Haley as America's new ambassador to the UN confronting bias there, the atmosphere in Jerusalem is much more relaxed.
Mr Netanyahu has in any event always preferred to talk about peace whilst playing for time.

Israel's Broadcasting Authority - Talks about the Authorities future are deadlocked. A new Authority is scheduled to start broadcasting on April 30th. Mr Netanyahu favours the extension of the current authorities mandate but is short of votes to push this through the Knesset. It could bring the collapse of the coalition.

Yair Lapid of Israel's centrist party Yesh Atid has abandoned his party's support for a 2 State solution. A considerable change of position which has led to a move upwards in the polls.

Poland - A group in Warsaw was reported to the police last week after they burned an effigy of a Jewish woman to celebrate Spring. Later the effigy was "drowned" in the local river. How totally evil, are there no bounds?

Baroness Warsi has outraged the Jewish Community. She has called for British volunteers who volunteered to fight in Israel's army to be treated as foreign fighters and prosecuted on their return to the UK. Baroness Warsi was the first female Muslim to hold a Cabinet post and served as Foreign Office Minister. The Zionist Federation Chairman, Paul Charney said "she is driven by her own personal agenda, anti Israel, and would sooner see Israel's capability to defend itself limited than support the only true democracy in the Middle East"

Ukraine - 230 new immigrants flew into Israel last week. Many were from war torn areas One of them said "We are looking for a future for our children and it is better to do it here"

Egypt - Israel has issued a "Don't visit Egypt" call. There is, they said "concrete threat of attacks".

Venezuela - 9 converts arrived in Israel this week and held a prayer time in the arrivals hall! They have been studying since 2011 under a Rabbi.

Nicaragua and Israel are to establish diplomatic relations which will restore co-operation in Agriculture, health and education fields.

Pray for Israel's protection, thank God for Americas support for Israel and that Mr Trump will stand firm against Arab pressure.
Most of al pray for Jewish people to turn to their Messiah, a friend who will never fail them. Pray too that the Lord will reveal what he is doing as he works out his purposes and keep us looking up, studying his word so that we can understand the times.

David Hoyle

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