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News from Israel  23rd July 2016

Perhaps the most fascinating & disturbing events of the past month have been in relation to Turkey, its relations with both Israel & Russia & the chaos which has resulted from the failed coup. All this not withstanding the immigration problem & the threat to open the way into western union & annul the agreement made to close it's channels out for the refugees in return for billions of dollars!  The situation is almost impossible to analyse. 
It is not long since Israel agreed to renew diplomatic arrangements.  For years Turkey dictated the terms for an agreement with Israel.    It was a question of what Israel would agree to do, apologise for the Marmera incident, lift the blockade of Gaza & issue an apology to Egypt. They also required compensation.

The situation changed as Turkey's strategic situation worsened when peace negotiations with the Kurds broke down, as the Syrian war went on & it's relations with Russia deteriorated.  Now, Israel was able to set it's own conditions including the closure of the Hamas office in Turkey.  Regardless of spin, neither Israel or Turkey got all they wanted in the recently signed agreement.  Certainly Turkey can now send aid to Gaza but the blockade is not lifted. 
The deal signed is sufficiently ambiguous that each side could claim a victory of sorts.
Israel have agreed to an airport & seaport on an artificial Island off the Gaza coast but where would the finances come from?  Whether the agreement signed is worth the paper it is written on remains to be seen.

All this was followed by the ongoing coup.  Russia has expressed it's support Mr Erdogan but why?  They were previously at daggers drawn because of the shooting down of a Russian plane.  This would appear to draw Turkey & Russia closer together & might be in line with Ezekiel 38v1-6 which envisages an alliance against Israel including Togarmah (Turkey) & Rosh (Russia).  A careful study of Genesis 10 & the above passage indicates the area covered by these & the other nations mentioned in Ezekiel 38.  Comparing the areas covered by the nations mentioned in Biblical times & today's map gives insight which is well worth study & is very revealing. 
It is a study in itself but certainly Russia & Turkey will be involved in the Ezekiel 38 war.
How the Turkish failed coup works out remains to be seen but never forget that Mr Erdogan is an out & out Islamist & seeks to totally destroy the legacy of Karmel Ataturk  who founded the current secular state.  Already 70 000 have been arrested or sacked & who knows where it will end.  The organisers of the coup do not want an Islamic state & nor do thousands more who dare not risk their lives.  It is certainly not ended.  Thank God He knows the end from the beginning and His prophetic word will be fulfilled to the letter.  Watch this space!  With all this going on it is interesting that Mr. Netanyahu met with the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, & Cypriot President Nicos Anastadiades & announced a mini alliance!

Brexit It may well be that the spectre of the EU falling apart may not necessarily be a bad thing for Israel.  Israel will not shed tears that the EU will pack a lesser punch without the UK.
There is little doubt that Europe influenced the UK regarding Israel & not vice versa.  Labelling goods from settlements was a case in point.  The recent failed attempt to arrest Tzipi Livni during a visit to London show the state of our European imposed laws.  In many European countries any one who fought in the Israel Defence Forces will be liable to arrest!  At least the attempt here failed but the very issue of the warrant speaks for itself.

Egypt Mr Netanyahu has agreed to cooperate with Egypt's president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in finding a way forward for the Arab Peace Initiative which would give normalised ties with the Arab world in return for a full Israeli withdrawal from all land captured in the 1967 war.  This would mean a withdrawal fro the West Bank & the Golan & recognition of a Palestinian State along with settlement of Palestinian refugees.  Subsequently Mr Netanyahu told his Likud ministers he would never accept it.  It suits Mr Netanyahu, a master tactician, to keep good relations with Egypt as it sidelines the French initiative to impose a Palestinian State on Israel.

UN  For the first time the UN General assembly has elected Israel to chair one of it's 6 permanent committees, the Legal Affairs Committee.  Israel is without question a world leader in International law & fighting terrorism. 

Iran  The Iranian Chief of Staff of the military is now commanding Iranian, Syrian & Hezbollah forces in Syria.  All 3 can be seen in Ezekiel 38 in one way or another.

Europe  The 27 remaining nations in Europe are pushing for a European army.  With any implementation it would almost certainly relate to Daniel 2 & Daniel 7 & Europe's future involvement in the wars of Ezekiel 38 & Psalm 83.

Jerusalem  There was a bomb scare causing the closure of Jerusalem's light rail close to Jaffa Street's intersection with King George.  A man claimed he was carrying an explosive device in his bag. The bag was found to contain several improvised explosive devices. 

Nice  Mr Netanyahu slammed the Palestinian Authority for condemning the recent ramming attack in Nice while encouraging similar attacks in Israel.  Mr Netanyahu said, “In Israel the Palestinians praised the murderers & support them”.

US terror victims  The families of the 5 Americans murdered in recent attacks have filed a lawsuit against Facebook for failing to ban the Gaza based terror group Hamas.  Facebook, it states, has, “Allowed Hamas to use it's online social network platform & communications service to facilitate & carry out it's terrorist activity”.  

Jeremy Corbyn was criticised last week for saying that, “Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel than our Muslim friends are for the self styled Islamic State”.
At the same event Ruth Smeeth, MP for Stoke on Trent was reduced to tears after being accused of taking Zionist money.  This believe it or not was at a meeting to confront anti Semitism in the party.  Mr Corbyn declined to intervene! 

France  Natan Sharansky stated recently, “Arab immigration to France and deep seated anti Semitism there mean that Jews have no future in France.  Violence against Jews in France is one of several factors for Jewish immigration to Israel”. He said.

Palestinian Authority An advisor to President Abbass said in an interview, “Wherever you find an Israeli slit his throat.  I am against negotiations meetings and normalisation in any form with the Israeli occupation”.  Five American congressmen wrote to President Abbass & asked him to fire Abu Al Einein but the PA President refused.

Gay Pride  The Major of Jerusalem did not attend yesterdays Gay Pride parade he said, “It was offensive”.  He went on, “It is not illegal but is troublesome to others in the city.

The Knesset  Has passed a bill allowing the assembly to oust a member deemed to be inciting against the state.  Mr Netanyahu backed the bill saying, “Those who support terrorism won't serve in Israel's Knesset”.  Some Arab Mks have recently paid condolences to families of attackers who killed Israelis.

Portugal  Requests by British Jews who are dependants of Portuguese Sephardim are applying for Portuguese citizenship.  Since Brexit 300 have applied compared to 5 before June 23rd.  The law was changed in Portugal to make amends for the 16th century expulsions.

Drones With Egypt's agreement Israel has several times taken out terrorists in Sinai using drones.  Israel are investigating as to why 3 missiles failed to bring down a drone over the Golan Heights last week. 

Belarus  A holocaust memorial in Belarus has been vandalised.  Yellow paint was daubed on a statue commemorating the mass murder of Jews in the Minsk ghetto where the Germans imprisoned 100,000 Jews.  50,000 perished there.

Mike Pence  The Republican candidate for Vice President has a long history of support for Israel.  Under Mr Pence's leadership Indiana passed a law that required the state to avoid doing any business with companies which boycott, divest from or sanction Israel. Israel he states is our most cherished ally.  He backs the security fence & organises the Indiana -  Israel business exchange.  His appointment has been welcomed by the Republican Jewish coalition.

Spain  How sad that the Galicia region has lost out on its planned direct El Al flights to Israel.  The city passed a BDS motion to ban it.  As elsewhere in Europe anti Semitism is alive & well in Spain!

Please take all I have written as background to you study of the inerrant prophetic scriptures & do let's all look up where the outlook is good.  Christ is coming soon & we still have a little time to share the Gospel.

God bless

David Hoyle.

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