Sunday, 24 July 2016

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 Week Ending  July 22nd   2016
David's Comment: We Still Need to Pray About Tomorrowland

Matthew 24:24  false messiahs will arise & false prophets will appear to display great sign and wonders to deceive if possible even the elect
On June 17th I sent out a comprehensive article alerting you about this demonic event planned for seven world cities including Jerusalem this Saturday. More information here:  Another ministry that is aware of this concert from Hell described it as a "spiritual terror attack". This week's Tomorrowland concert is to be held at the new Payis Arena in Jerusalem.  Heart of God Ministries here in Israel wrote the following ....... The city of Jerusalem recently banned the ICEJ and other Christian groups from using the Payis Arena and yet they're allowing such blatant occultism!  During Tomorrowland the Hindu "goddess" Kali will be addressing the people through a hologram, calling forth unity with "the one man who knew the mysteries of the universe from within.  Because of his vision, a great work was completed (an image of CERN then appears) and humanity can be reborn."  This is not a hippie music festival but it is an organized attempt to call forth the man of lawlessness, the anti-Christ!   Friends, this is happening in the City of our King!  It's an abomination that must be met head on.  This is not a time to panic nor fear, but a time to fast and pray, seek the L-rd and proclaim His promises over His children here in Israel and in the nations.  

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