Thursday, 23 March 2017


Is the idea of the Shared Society really this Conservative Government's plan or does it originate elsewhere?
According to Theresa May, in her article The shared Society, published on 8th January 2017:
When the British people voted in the referendum last June, they did not simply vote to withdraw from the European Union; they voted to change the way our country works – and the people for whom it works – forever......That means building the shared society. A society that doesn’t just value our individual rights but focuses rather more on the responsibilities we have to one another; ..... a society with a commitment to fairness at its heart....this government will seize the opportunity to build the shared society by embracing genuine and wide-ranging social reform....we will act across every layer of society to restore the fairness that is the bedrock of the social solidarity that makes our nation strong.
In her speech to the Charity Commission on the Shared Society she again emphasised that “this Government has a plan [my emphasis], not simply to manage our withdrawal from the European Union, but to take this opportunity to fundamentally change Britain for the better. A comprehensive, wide-ranging plan for the kind of country we want to be. A plan to build a country where wealth and opportunity are shared”.

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