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As the dust settles on Mr Trump's arrival at The White House I venture to bring you the news as it is today, conscious of the fact that all may change before I finish my article.
Certainly things will change shortly in relation to America's attitude to Israel and there is already a change in the perception of what the future holds for Israel in the Trump era.

Writing in the Jewish Telegraph Geoffrey Alderman States "Donald Trumps inauguration marks a watershed and only time will tell how many of his promises will be kept".
The Obama Presidency was marked by "brazen hostility to Israel" he went on to say, and I am sure that Mr Trump will bring changes. His choice of US Ambassador indicates strong support for settlements and any peace treaty will most certainly not lead to Israel going back to the 1949 borders.

The incoming US Ambassador to Israel has firmly stated his view that settlements are not illegal and that Israel can build where it wants. He also states that he looks forward to working in Americas Jerusalem Embassy. An Embassy in Israel's capitol.

Israel's Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said "We are returning to normal life in Judea and Samaria" as the Government announced 2500 new houses to be built in East Jerusalem"
Needless to say the anti-Semitic United Nations condemned the move and a PLO Executive Committee member said "Once again Israel is resorting to land theft and colonisation".

The title deeds to the land of Israel are found in Genesis 15:18. This and other passages confirm this is an irrevocable covenant and God will keep His covenant with the Jewish people. If God breaks His covenant with Israel He might well break His covenant with you and me!

In addition to the permission for building in East Jerusalem, Israel granted permission for 566 new homes in West Bank settlements (Judea & Samaria).

Anti-Semitism - Hundreds of anti-Semitic messages were targeted at Rabbi Marvin Hier after he gave a blessing at Donald Trump's inauguration. Rabbi Hier is the Dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre.
Americas Anti-Deformation League said it was "outraged and saddened by the outpouring of hate ". His blessing invoked Scripture "who will dwell on your holy mountain, one who does right and speaks the truth. Who knows that when you eat the labour of your hands you are praiseworthy. He who sows in tears shall reap in joy".

US Embassy - Talks have now begun to move America's Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barket is investigating various possibilities for its location and is sure the move will take place. He said "Mr trump is a friend of Israel and will keep his word. We may know when Mr Netanyahu visits Washington shortly.
Israel is considering annexing Maa'le Golunim on the outskirts of Jerusalem, classed currently as a settlement but which is a town of well over 50,000 residents. Those who have been with me to Israel will know it. However they are delaying an announcement until after Mr Netanyahu's visit to Washington.

Peace Process - Donald Trump says his son on law Jared Kushneris is the only one who can negotiate peace in the Middle East. Jared is such a good kid that he will make a deal no one else can. He is a natural deal maker! He is of course Jewish.

George Soros - Billionaire Soros called Donald Trump a "would be dictator, who is going to fail!".  As a result , the shares rally as a consequence of the Trump victory and Soros lost nearly a Billion dollars.

 President Reuven Rivlin Has invited Donald Trump to visit Israel.

Yuval Steinitz a senior Cabinet Minister in Israel has said that Israel is praying that Mr Trump will be responsible, courageous and serious. Mr Steinitz is a talented Cabinet Minister who has twice spoken to my groups in the Knessett.

Hussein Obama has shown his hatred for Israel in his final days in office, having failed to get his way at the Paris Conference on Middle East Peace he was unable to present his plan for a Palestinian State at the UN, he made a decision to send 221 Million dollars to the Palestinians on the very day Mr Trump was to be inaugurated.
Officials now say that this has not yet gone and will now be looked at to see if it fits Mr Trump's priorities.

Britain - The anti-Semitic left are on the rampage after Mr Trumps victory and one newspaper today had the headline "Mr Trump, you are not welcome here".
Police are investigating footage of Manchester City football fans chanting at Tottenham Hotspur fans "You are going to be gassed in the morning". They were also making hissing noises like a release of gas.
Jewish students at the students union at the London School of Oriental & African Studies have been told they have right to decide what they deem to be anti-Semitic.

Syria - Israel is to take in around 100 children orphaned in the Syrian war. Israel has for some time been taking in orphaned children from Aleppo. You will not read that in our papers!

Gaza - Israel is considering a plan to build an artificial island off the Gaza coast, linked by a bridge to Gaza. The island would have its own power plant and desalination plant.

USA - 32 Jewish community centres in 16 states have received bomb threats in the last 2 weeks. Neo Nazi groups seem to becoming much more vocal say security officials.

Iran - Mr Trump described the Iran nuclear deal as disastrous and states it is a priority to deal with it.

GCHQ - Officials have made an unprecedented confirmation of a close partnership with Israeli intelligence. Mark Regev, Israel's ambassador said "I have no doubt our co-operation is saving British lives.

International Development - Former Vice-Chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel, Priti Patel, said in a speech that Israel trade will be key after Brexit.

Oxford University - Labours decision to drop its anti-Semitism probe after 11 months of investigation in relation to claims of bullying Jewish undergraduates has met widespread condemnation. Students have given evidence to 3 separate enquiries. The head of the political investigation team & liaison at Campaigns against Anti-Semitism said "this brands the witnesses as liars". 

Students provided concrete evidence of abuse but the Royall report was not released in full.
The Chakrabarti report into anti-Semitism in the Labour party was also a white wash which says everything you need to know about Mr Corbyn and the Labour Party.

In the light of current events, Ezekiel 38 & 39, bearing in mind the link between Turkey, Russia and IS and Zechariah 12 to 14 in relation to Jerusalem will reward  study.

Please pray for Israel and for Mr Trump to give them the support he has offered and for "the peace of Jerusalem". Please also pray against the vicious anti-Semitism in the world, as the devil has his last fling!

God bless Israel.


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