Thursday, 22 December 2016


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Yesterdays Bible study was a blessing and, including having a meal together, we had 7 hours of blessed service on Teeside. Scott and Emma are doing well and rejoicing in the freedom that deliverance from the direct oppression powers of darkness brings!

Scott brought his son, "young Scott" and his acquaintance who" bumped into him on the street", male B. Young Scott was very touched by the time together. He is a lovely lad of 16, NOT part of the drugs culture and dark underworld of Redcar but wants to come along to more  meetings. Male B is aged around 44? and has  been attending the Mormon church and wants to be freed from alcohol (I do not think that he is an alcoholic). He reckons that the Mormons have not helped him and called them just a "nuisance "now. He told us he wants to find God and he is coming to our meeting  next Wednesday. Please pray for all of these three dear people.

Emma brought Female B who was desperate to find the Lord, and even cancelled a hospital appointment to spend more time with us in the afternoon. After some time talking to her she said that she had come that afternoon to get sorted with God and get what Emma has. She willingly asked the Lord Jesus for forgiveness of sin, put her sins under His Blood and, asking him to be her Lord and Saviour, gave her life to Jesus. 

She is a married lady with a husband completely free from drugs and working in a good job on the oil rigs, and has a 14 year old son. Female B's backgound is addiction, oija and other sources of demonic oppression! We have bound the powers of darkness and, D.V., we will minister deliverance next week. Emma's other close friend Female C (30ish) has gone to Bedford for Christmas but will meet with us in the New Year. 

Please do not forget her. We have had one short meeting with Female C, she seems genuine in a desire to meet with the Lord but, like the others, carries similar baggage and has been involved in the "12 Steps" recovery programme. I do not know if it was an alcohol or cocaine schedule. She says that it does not work but believes that Jesus can help her. She is very smart and intelligent and does not come across as a part of the needy sub-culture of Redcar.

We have part of our time together in an "Olde Worlde" teashop in Redcar. On our previous visit the owner and partner overheard our conversation and came to ask questions. They then put on Amazing Grace on the music system! Yesterday they again came to socialise with us, told us a bit more about themselves and how they moved north to Redcar and listened to what we were all about. The cafe was about to close so we asked if they would like us to pray for them. They said "Yes", so we did. Remember them if you can, P and P,  curious about us, believe in "God" but have some odd ideas ( but also believe that we are in the "last days"! ).

Finally please pray for D. He claims salvation and is certainly religious but struggles with various issues some of which may be a case of mental ill health. We need a breakthrough here.

When we ask for prayer and give out all these names we don't want to place burdens on our brethren which are not inspired by the Holy Spirit. It may be that just one of these needy folk touches your heart and you pray for that one. This note circulates to over a dozen dear saints and amongst us all each of these dear souls will be covered in prayer.

Soon and Very Soon...Maranatha,

In his Love,

Brian, Gilly and Kathleen.

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