Monday, 5 December 2016

A friend from Australia told me about this appointment. How could I have missed it? I must have sneezed!!


UN official site:
     You either believe things are planned out as people meet together to plan things, i.e. conspiring to plan things, or you believe everything is pure coincidence. 99.9% of things are planned. There are really few coincidences in life when the truth comes out!
     OK – this article is only one page--get on with it Yedidah… A friend from Australia told me about this appointment. How could I have missed it? I must have sneezed.
     I knew that the new Secretary General was supposed to power December 31st. At the time, months ago, I read that Barak Obama, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, and Bill Clinton were up for the appointment. But, a few days ago, it was reported that the “Obama family” would be moving to California after January 20th. That is IF Obama doesn’t stay in office.
     So, I guess the Elite have other purposes. My suspicions are aroused because of the date of this appointment of the new Secretary General, corresponding to the nation he is from.
     The Illuminati/Elite/Nephilim, like their master, Satan, doesn’t do anything randomly. Everything is linked to something else. Nothing is left to chance. Their choose dates that carry high significance, symbols, rituals, and words.
     So I ask: What happened on October 131917 in FatimaPortugal
     Answer: The sixth and final prophetic visit from the “Virgin Mary” to the 3 children, which 70,000 people attended--the sun seemed to spin in the heavens, and the heavy rain was dried up. The demon, posing as “Mary” gave her final “secret,” of the last days and the fire-destruction of the Vatican – a prophecy that popes ever since have tried to cover up. Is there also a message lurking in the 70,000? Seven is the number of completion and finality. (Ezekiel 7:1-9)
     Later on, some of the 70,000 came forward to say it was not the sun rotating in the heavens, but a huge silver disc--a UFO in other words. [Refer to: “The Vatican and Extraterrestrials” February 2008 for exciting reports about this] 
      What happened in 1917? -- The 1st stage of the Mazzini/Pike Plan was launched: The overthrow of the Czar of Russia, Marxism, the rise of Communism, and World War I.
     What message is the Illuminati Elite giving us in secret form by the election of this man from Portugal, and UNESCO’s adoption of this insane Palestinian resolution? This Secretary General will be a major player to carry through with the plans of the Elite--prophecies of the final pope, the destruction of the Vatican, World War III, and great tribulation. We keep watch! We now have a unified U.N. with a strong link back to Fatima, Portugal October 13, 1917! 
     I have read on the subject of Fatima was recommended by Tom Horn: The Fourth Secret of Fatima by Antonio Socci. Socci really covers the subject well; it reads like a mystery novel. Like Tom’s books, Socci’s book is available on books.
     On October 13, 2016 UNESCO passed a Palestinian resolution, known as the Jerusalem Resolution. This is a declaration of war by Satan’s agents against East Jerusalem, against Mount Zion and Mount Moriah, and against Yahuwah and Yahushua. Check this out! These two events came on October 13th – what is the message to us?
     The jury is out on Obama and his last few days to do his worst dirty work. He’s signing more Executive Orders. Every Executive Order he signs contains more ruin for American citizens.
    Let us use this time to draw nearer to Yahuwah and Yahushua--to pledge our loyalty and love to our Elohim!
Shalom, love in the Master,
December 4, 2016

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