Monday, 28 November 2016

"A Gotterdammerung Moment" By Matt Ward From "Rapture Ready"!!

A Gotterdammerung Moment - By Matt Ward -
Gotterdammerung is a term that comes from the work of composer Richard Wagner. It refers to the final, dramatic moment at the conclusion of Hitler's favorite opera, "Der Ring des Nibellungren." In this scene the mass destruction of all the protagonists and everything they knew or once cared about is decreed.
It is a depiction of a final, fatal and spiteful self-destruction from which nothing can or does survive. It was their Gotterdammerung moment, the final nihilistic act of utter rebellion that ensured their own, and everybody else's destruction. It inspired Hitler immensely. He thought there was "poetic justice" in it. The last few days and weeks of Hitler's life have come to be known as his own "Gotterdammerung moment."
It was the time when Hitler, at the very conclusion of the European war, was confined to his famous Fuhrer bunker, deep under the Reich's chancellery in Berlin. He was a dead man walking at this point and he knew it. It was this last phase of his life, more than any other, which saw Hitler descend into unrestrained delusional madness.

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