Saturday, 22 March 2014


Dear Friends,

We have just finished our splendid HOLIDAY AND TEACHING RETREAT AT CROMER in Norfolk, and what a blessed time we all had. Twenty two people booked into the Christian Endeavour Conference Centre at Overstrand as we immersed ourselves in sweet fellowship, good praise and worship, excellent food and hospitality, and my ministry which was well received.

The main topic for the week was "HEAVEN" with sub titles of "Heaven...what on earth are we taking about"; "What does Jesus say about heaven"; Where is heaven and who lives there"; "What will we do in heaven"; "What train for heaven please"; "What is the difference between heaven and the millennium"; and finally "Praise my soul the King of Heaven.....GLORY".

Although these seven sessions were not recorded during the week in Norfolk, I hope to have available soon a very similar series on DVD, and I will keep you posted on this.

Below is an update of the rest of my conference engagements for this year. I am not disclosing my other personal venues and meetings for the time being, but anyone wishing to know my whereabouts for the next few months can contact me on 01904 470751 or by email at

April 21st to 25th. Holiday Retreat Special at ST.RHADAGUNDS CONFERENCE CENTRE AT VENTOR IN THE ISLE OF WIGHT The title for the seminar will be the "END TIMES TRUTHS FOUND IN GENESIS". Please phone 01983 852160 for further information.

DO NOT FORGET OUR NEW VENTURE OF A HOLIDAY AND TEACHING CONFERENCE IN CROATIA from October 12th-19th this year. Daily teaching sessions where the title for the holiday will be "KNOWING REST AND PEACE IN THE LORD JESUS". Please phone me on 01904 470751 for more information and fuller details. 

November 3rd to the 7th November, another Conference Retreat at the BEECHWOOD COURT Hotel, Conway, NORTH WALES, when the subject matter will be "VITAL TRUTHS FOR THE LAST DAYS". Please phone 01492 593405 for more details. If you need any clarification on any of the above meetings, you can always phone me on 01904 470751.

November 24th-28th a new conference centre for me when we will gather in  THE ST GEORGE HOTEL IN RIPON ROAD HARROGATE  in this lovely and popular North Yorkshire town (see above for more details). The subject for the week will be "A DEEPER WALK WITH JESUS IN THE LAST DAYS".

There is quite a bit of choice this year for the various conferences and venues, and even a foreign holiday to Croatia. So please try to come to one or more or the above, and I will be delighted to see you.

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