Verse of the Day

Revelation 3:10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.


I watched a good part of the debate last night which was very difficult for me to do. Obama is such a liar that it greatly upsets me to listen to his lies. He did not disappointment me.
He was really caught in the open about Libya and lied but was really caught in the act. It is so sad that these politicians are polished professional liars. Lying is just part of their makeup and character or lack thereof.
I was really delighted that Romney was able to bring up “Fast and Furious” with Obama and the Justice Department running thousands of AK-47s to the Mexican drug cartels. I noticed that Obama did not respond to what Romney said.
It was sad to hear Romney talk about his church and being a missionary and pastor. Mormon doctrine is so offensive to God, and Romney supports most of the homosexual agenda. What a terrible choice this election. It does appear that Romney is going to win, and God is going to remove Obama. As I documented on this blog, Obama humiliated Israel’s Prime Minister, and one week later he was humiliated during the first debate. Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood is so dangerous for Israel, so it will be great if he is removed from office and humiliated.
King Abdullah of Jordan
Will Jordan Be Next to Fall? 10/11/12 There seems to be now lots of political pressure building in Jordan against King Abdullah. Jordan is the key piece in the Islamic caliphate puzzle. When Jordan falls, it will put enormous pressure on Israel and change the entire picture in the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood is really focusing on Jordan. I do not think it will take long for Jordan to fall to them.
“Leaked Syrian government documents show that Assad, suspicious that Amman was siding with Syria’s armed opposition, has been preemptively trying to destabilize Jordan’s security. But Abdullah’s real nightmare scenario isn’t Assad meddling in Jordanian politics—rather, it might just be Assad’s fall at the hands of Islamist rebels. A Muslim Brotherhood victory in Syria could put wind in the sails of Jordan’s own Brotherhood party, the Islamic Action Front,”
Muslim Brotherhood taking aim at Jordan 10/13/12 More information about Jordan falling to the Muslim Brotherhood. I believe Jordan will fall quickly without much violence.
“The Saudi-owned news channel Al-Arabiya, citing leaked files, reported the embattled regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his allies have sought to destabilize neighboring Jordan by manipulating peaceful demonstrations there and turning them into deadly violence.”
Jordan: King Abdullah Losing the Support of Tribes? 10/16/12 This is more indication that King Abdullah’s position is rapidly weakening. There is now a lot of news about Jordan and what the Brotherhood is doing. When both Syria and Jordan are in their hands, they will quickly turn on Israel. Syria and Jordan do not survive this coming war and will never again be a nation. They will disappear into history.
“The Jordanian tribe is now planning a huge rally against Israel that will coincide with the ambassador’s arrival in Tel Aviv. Other tribes have been invited to join the rally, posing a major and unprecedented challenge to the monarchy. By coming out against the decision to appoint a new ambassador to Israel, the Obeidat tribe is openly challenging King Abdullah and questioning his policies and decisions. The Obeidat’s response to the appointment of the new ambassador is a sign of increased tensions between Jordan’s King Abdullah II and the kingdom’s Bedouin tribes.”
Keep your eyes focused on the Lord Jesus. The world pressure in all areas is building and never ceases. It will continue to build until it finally breaks into chaos like the world has never seen. Islam is going to break loose over the entire earth with terrible bloodshed along with other wars. The world economy is going to meltdown. We need to grow closer to the Lord Jesus everyday. With our looking at His coming for His bride, we will remain in peace no matter what is happening in the world. This world is under the direct judgment of the Holy God of Israel and doomed. Our citizenship is in heaven from which we look to the Savior.
May the LORD God of Israel bless and protect you.
1 John 2:17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

Israel and the Middle East War

Rice: US does not accept legitimacy of settlements 10/16/12 This is the same old blame Israel rhetoric that is beyond stale. All of this talk is a real waste of time. The “peace talks” are dead and everyone is getting ready for war.
“US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Susan E. Rice said on Monday that the US “does not accept the legitimacy of Israeli settlement activity, and will continue to oppose any efforts to legalize outposts.” Speaking at the Security Council Open Debate on the Middle East, Rice emphasized: “The fate of existing settlements must be dealt with by the parties along with other permanent-status issues.”
Knesset votes to disperse, go to elections on Jan. 22 10/16.12 As much as I follow what is happening in Israel, its politics are like utter chaos to me. All I know, the Israeli government was dissolved and new one is going to be elected.
Turkey scrambles fighter jets as fighting threatens to engulf Syrian border 10/12/12 Every day these two nations get closer to war. This could trigger World War 3. Syria does not survive this war.
Israel might intervene to prevent Syria’s chemical weapons from falling into wrong hands, PM says 10/16/12 Israel has said this before. This is a flash point to start the all-out Middle East war.
Iran claims ‘dozens’ of its drones reached Israel 10/16/12 I wonder if these drones come from the United State’s one that was taken by Iran last year?
Iranians are beginning to panic amid rising costs 10/16/12 The collapsing economy could force Iran into war. A totally collapse would cripple Iran’s war effort, so at some point Iran might say “now or never.”
Diplomat: Western officials see Iran’s economy imploding quickly 10/16/12 The faster it collapses the greater the chance of war.
Tehran: EU sanctions won’t force Iran into nuclear talks 10/16/12 I have been saying this all along. Iran is on a course for war with Israel and nothing can stop this short of war.
Iran may induce ‘environmental disaster’ in Strait of Hormuz 10/14/12 If Iran is desperate enough, it just might do this.
“Dubbed “Murky Waters,” the plan is reportedly the brainchild of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps head Mohammad Ali Jafari and Iranian Navy commander Admiral Ali Fadawi. The purpose of the environmental disaster would be to block the Strait of Hormuz to international oil tankers, and to “punish” states in the area that are hostile to Iran, according to the report. Furthermore, Western nations, forced to cooperate with Iran in efforts to clean the strait, would conceivably be forced to reduce the sanctions currently placed on the Islamic Republic.”
Jews, Leave Eurauschwitz Now! 10/10/12 They either leave quietly now or run for their lives when the Middle East breaks out.

Hard Left

Doctors File Legal Brief; 20-Week-Old Babies Feel Pain During Abortion 10/16/12 The Hard Left will fight for abortion to the bitter end. Killing babies in the womb is one of the pillars of the reprobates along with defending and promoting sodomy.
University Draws Fire After Placing Official on Leave for Signing Marriage Petition 10/11/12 This is the reprobate minded in action just hating anything connected to God. They will move to destroy anyone in the way of their agenda.
Law school showdown over liberal bias 10/15/12 probably this goes on in most schools in America. The Hard Left has the educational system and they are closed-minded and reject anyone who differs from them.
When ‘gay’ rights trump everybody else’s 10/16/12 Always remember, to the reprobate mind, homosexuality trumps all else. This is at the core of a reprobate mind.

Floods, Famines, Fires, Etc

Scientist warns of Fuji eruption chaos 10/13/12 It seems that Japan is being setup for another mega disaster. A Mount Fuji eruption could paralyze Japan.
“A Japanese scientist has warned Mount Fuji is due for a “big-scale explosive eruption” that could affect millions of people and cause billions of dollars worth of damage. Professor Toshitsugu Fujii, the head of Japan’s volcanic eruption prediction panel, says an eruption could cause chaos and carnage all the way to Tokyo. “Mount Fuji has been resting for 300 years now, and this is abnormal,” “It usually erupts in some form every 30 years. “So the next eruption could be a big-scale explosive eruption.”
Memories of a massive earthquake along Hayward Fault 10/14/12 This is yet another earthquake that California has to be concerned with. It is now overdue to break.
Colombia’s Cerro Machín volcano rattled by more tremors – volcanic swarms reported Iceland, US, Canary Islands 10/15/12
Giant Louisiana sinkhole grows to 4 acres 10/15/12
U.S. Farm Belt needs rain to avoid another dry crop year 10/11/12 The drought continues and so does the likelihood of a famine.
Drought holds steady, clouding winter crop outlook
The year the grains failed: Why poorer countries are scheduling ‘food-free days’ 10/11/12