Friday, 26 October 2012


    Psalm 9:17 
The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.


Me, on the Sid Roth Show
Recently, Sid Roth interviewed me on his show It’s Supernatural. The show is running this week on TV stations.
If you would like to watch the interview, go to John McTernan Interview.
Sid interviewed me about the updated information from my book As America Has Done to Israel.
The update was only about 25 pages but it was power packed with vital information and a key picture of President Roosevelt. I updated chapters five, nine and added an Epilogue.
The information is so powerful, that even if you have read the book, I suggest that you get the update. The updated information is simply astonishing.
Sid also produced a four-hour teaching of mine. It is in three DVDs and called America’s Fatal Mistake. I do suggest that you obtain this DVD series, as I go into teaching about what is in the book. You get to see the documentation that I used in my book. I was very satisfied with the teaching.
It is my heart’s desire that my book and teachings would win many to the Lord Jesus and cause God’s people to live with the Blessed Hope. There is nothing else to live for in the world but the Blessed Hope.
I do not have the update of my book! My publisher had a large printing and sent it right to Sid for his show. I have to wait and was told the books should come next week. I suggest that if you want the book or DVD right now, order it from Sid’s ministry.
When I have the updated book and DVD teaching series, I will let you know.

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