Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Anti-Semitism continues to rise all over the world. A study of Gods word leads to no other conclusion than that in the last days Israel will be relatively friendless and turn to their one true friend, Jesus Christ the Messiah. We can see this today in that Israel has many enemies and not to many friends, some genuine but some 'fairweather' friends.

The Muslim worlds number one priority is the destruction of Israel. This was the message declared at anti-Israel rallies across Iran to commemorate Al-Quds Day, a worldwide event. Iranians called for unity among pro-Palestinian groups against "the child murdering Israeli Government".
Iran's leaders lashed out at Israel in a deluge of rhetoric. They said "there is no doubt we shall witness the end of the Jewish State". Iran's leaders accused Israel of "tyranny, oppression and persecution". A portrait of Benjamin Netanyahu was burnt in Tehran. Genesis 12:3 shows that Iran are now under a curse, "Those who curse Israel will be cursed".

UK - To our shame the Al Quds day march in London saw the Hezbullah groups flag of terror featuring an AK47 rifle shamelessly paraded through the streets of our capital. The flag of IS is banned from display, why that not of Hezbullah said Simon Johnson of the Jewish Leadership Council.
1500 Anti-Zionists paraded the flag at this London based terror militia. Other countries have proscribed Hezbullah, why not us?!
The North West Friends of Israel Vice-Chairman said "Supporting Hezbullah, part of the same group as those who committed the attacks in London and Manchester on our blood stained streets, is contemptible."
One hate preacher said Zionists support IS and treat them in Israeli hospitals, they are brothers in arms! Certainly Israel have treated many Syrian refugees who crossed into Israel on the Golan Heights.
The same hate preacher said Zionists were to blame for the Grenfell Tower blaze.

In short, Israel and our Jewish friends are blamed for all the evil in the world and when they regularly help in major disasters and wars their motives are twisted.
The fear of Islam in political circles means that we acquiesce to criticism of Israel and very few of our politicians give genuine support.
As I listen to the news today with Mrs May seeking help from other political parties including the anti-Semitic Labour party and it's communist leadership I find this confirms my belief that as a nation we too are under judgement, "those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse Israel will be cursed, Genesis 12:3 again.

Golan Heights - 3000 Syrians have made the treacherous journey to Israel because they know they will be given medical treatment. At the border they are given emergency treatment at a field hospital to stabilise them before Israel's army transfers them to medical centres. Treatment is given free under strict anonymity out of that they and their families could be targeted if their visit to Israel becomes known. Many are taken to hospitals in Nahariya and Safed
One doctor said "we do our best with speed and advanced equipment but sometimes there is little we can do! There are many children with bullet injuries but when you see them recovered from these and other injuries you just see it is incredibly worth while " She went on "it is the holiest of holy to provide medical care to those who need it, especially people who come from a place where even children are targets".
The doctor was confident that those who put their lives in the hands of IDF soldiers and hospitals are spreading the word about the 'enemy' country that saved their lives.

Recognition of a Palestinian State - Reported calls from Labour MP's to seek UK recognition of a Palestinian State were given short thrift in Parliament. Middle East Minister Alistair Burt said it was not the time. He criticised the Palestinian delay in implementing recommendations of the Quartet and said it had to tackle terror and incitement. He criticised Israel too particularly over settlement building. He should read Genesis 15:18, God made an irrevocable covenant with Abram through Israel to give all the land from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates! (Genesis 26:1-3).

In the Lords debate over the Balfour Centenary Lord Grade,former BBC Chairman launched an attack on his former colleagues over their coverage of Israel.

Emily Thornberry had earlier portrayed herself as a friend of Israel!? Her record shows she is a friend of Palestine!

Germany - has approved the sale of 3 advanced submarines to Israel. Israel already has 3 plus one in the process of being built.

The Palestinian leader Mahmood Abbas is trying to push Israel into another war with Hamas according to Israel's Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman. "We shall not rise to the bait" he said. Our objective is to prevent war through credible deterrence. Abbas announced the Palestinian Authority would no longer pay Israel to supply electricity to the Gaza Strip. This has prompted Israel to stop deliveries. Abbas is also stopping  the payment of salaries in Gaza and the transfer of fuel.
This 2 pronged attack is intended to force Hamas into was with Israel sais Mr Lieberman. Abbas has also stopped sending medication to the Strip.

Yuli Edelstein a former prisoner of Zion became the first Israeli to address the Russian Parliament last week. "33 years ago I was a prisoner here in Moscow" he said "for the crime of teaching the Hebrew language, teaching the world of the rejection of tyranny, the love of humanity and the hope of freedom".

The KKK is still a threat in the south and east of the USA. It is reported that their main activity is the distribution of anti-Semitic literature.

Syria - Israeli warplanes bombed Syrian military targets after 10 shells landed in Israel. Mr Netanyahu said "we will not permit spillover from their war"
Israelis are flocking to the Golan Heights for walking and fruit picking, but have been asked to avoid gathering at the border.

Poland has introduced a special plane design to inaugurate its new routes to Israel. The   design has images of Tel Aviv and the Old City of Jerusalem on each side of the planes tail.

Temple Mount - An Israeli couple married on the Temple Mount despite rules prohibiting Jews from carrying out religious rituals there. At this site of the Temple and currently at the Muslim Dome of the Rock, reading from the Bible and Christian and Jewish prayers are forbidden. This writer can remember reading Genesis 22 there, where it happened and being attacked and his Bible knocked on to the ground. The couple were seen walking at the site with a police escort. The groom placed a ring on his brides finger in front of witnesses and then recited the traditional wedding blessing.
The couple are active in a group called Students for the Temple Mount. They expressed their hope others would be inspired to follow their example. Congratulations to Tom Nisani and Sara Lurcat.

Porsche are opening an innovations office in Tel Aviv and investing tens of millions of dollars to fund start ups and access Israel's talent pool! Israel is of course a key market for IT experts and engineers. Jewish people have been greatly blessed by God.

A Palestinian baby seriously injured in a car accident was breastfed by a Jewish nurse when he refused to take a bottle. She nursed the baby through her shift at Ein Karem Hadassah Hospital. How wonderful.

The child's mother had serious head injuries and the father was killed. Relatives of the family in Hebron vilified the sad.

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