Sunday, 11 June 2017


50th Anniversary of the Six Day War 

This week marks the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Six Day War, when Israel survived by defeating Egypt, Jordan and Syria.
How did the story of the Six Day War unfold if you were reading about it in a British newspaper at the time?
Exactly 50 years on, we have commemorated the anniversary of Israel’s, against the odds, survival and military victory by visiting the archives at the British Library and republishing the headlines and news stories as they appeared.
We hope this will bring to life this extraordinary period in Israel’s history, the effects of which are still shaping the Middle East.
Here’s the link to download our booklet (may download slowly as large file):
In case you missed it, here is our unique booklet of the stories of  people from the UK who went to help as civilian volunteers in Israel in 1967:

“The Six Day War – what it means for Israel and Zionism 50 years on” – speaker meetings – 14 & 15 June

Dr Einat Wilf is a leading intellectual and original thinker on matters of foreign policy, economics, education, Israel and the Jewish people. She was a Member of Knesset from 2010-2013 and was Foreign Policy Advisor to Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres. She has also authored four books exploring key issues in Israeli society.
Next week, on Wednesday 14 June, Einat will be in conversation with BICOM CEO James Sorene at JW3 in London from 7.30pm to 9.00pm on the topic of “The Six Day War – what it means for Israel and Zionism 50 years on”.
Tickets for this fascinating discussion can be booked online here:
On Thursday 15 June Einat will be speaking on the same topic in Manchester, hosted by North West Friends of Israel. Details are here, register to attend by emailing :

Balfour Centenary Activist Conference - 25 June

100 years ago this November, Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour wrote to Lord Rothschild making a historic declaration of British support for "a national home for the Jewish people".

Make sure you book a ticket for our Activist Conference on the Balfour Centenary, taking place in North London on Sunday 25 June, here: 
The conference will cover everything you need to know about the Centenary of the Balfour Declaration, the momentous statement when the British Government chose to recognise the longing of the Jewish people to re-establish its national homeland in the land of Israel. The conference will cover both the history of the declaration, its implications for Israel now, and practical campaign skills to promote the Centenary and defend its legacy against those who seek to delegitimise Israel. It will also be a great opportunity to meet and network with other supporters of Israel.
Speakers will include a Senior Israeli Diplomat, Lord Turnberg (StandWithUs UK and author of “Beyond the Balfour Declaration The 100-Year Quest for Israeli–Palestinian Peace”), Gillian Merron (Board of Deputies of British Jews), Simon Johnson (Jewish Leadership Council), Dr Toby Greene (Senior Research Associate for BICOM and an Israel Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow). Another senior Israeli speaker is to be announced.
Breakout sessions will cover topics including:
  • Who are our opponents and why is Balfour 100 important to them? (Luke Akehurst, We Believe in Israel)            
  • Talking about Balfour 100 in the media (James Sorene, BICOM)
  • Debating Balfour 100 (Prof Alan Johnson, BICOM)
  • Running a Balfour 100 themed street stall (Nigel Goodrich, COFIS and Judy Weleminsky, Pro-Israel Pro-Palestinian Pro-Peace)
  • Dealing with Balfour 100 on social media (Arieh Miller, Zionist Federation)
  • The history of the Balfour Declaration (Dr Toby Greene, BICOM and Prof David Stone, StandWithUs UK)
  • Balfour 100 on campus ((Josh Seitler and Josh Holt, UJS)
  • The Churches and Balfour (Steven Jaffe, BoD, Fran Waddams, Anglicans Friends of Israel and Nick Gray, Christian Middle East Watch)
  • Balfour and Israel’s rights in International Law (Jonathan Turner, UK Lawyers for Israel)
  • Engaging with MPs about Balfour (Michael McCann, Israel Britain Alliance)
Best Wishes,
Luke Akehurst,
Director, We Believe in Israel

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