Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Superpower Showdown - By Matt Ward -http://raptureready.com/soap2/ward70.html
While the United States and the rest of the world are distracted by the ongoing machinations of an approaching U.S. election, Russia and America are edging ever closer to a direct military confrontation in Syria. With the brutal offensive in Eastern Aleppo as the backdrop, the potential for confrontation between these two old enemies is no longer a fantasy.
In the corridors of Moscow and the Pentagon there is a growing sense that just such a military showdown between the two Cold War super powers is an inevitability at this point.
The ramifications of such a confrontation, obviously, are huge. Up until now the United States and Russia have been actively opposing each other in Syria only through proxy groups, but that is now changing. Aleppo, the raging crux of dispute between Russia and the United States, is proving to be a tinder box that neither side can ignore.

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