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 Week Ending  August 12th   2016
David's Comment: Be Careful Who You Trust With Your Giving to Those in Need

Over the last few years we have alerted our readers to the fact that most of the international 'Christian' humanitarian aid organisations are extremely anti Israel, and therefore they are directly working against the plans and purposes of God, their unBiblical behaviour hindering, not hastening the return of Yeshua and the restoration of the Kingdom of God in the Earth.

World Vision and Tear Fund are two such groups who are very anti Israel. Now the truth has been exposed that World  Vision is not only anti Israel, but that they have been giving the money that well meaning Christians have donated to Hamas to buy weapons to carry out terror attacks against Israeli Jews. This news is now being published on many media websites. Australia & Germany have immediately ceased all funding of World Vision.
The Shin Bet (Israel's Security Agency) recently announced the arrest of Mohammed El-Halabi, 38, from the Gaza Strip. El-Halabi is director of the Gaza branch World Vision. He was detained on suspicion of serious security offenses carried out for Hamas. During the investigation, El-Halabi revealed that he has been a Hamas member since his youth and had undergone organizational and military training some 15 years ago. In 2005, Hamas dispatched El-Halabi to infiltrate World Vision. He said Hamas believed that he had a good chance of infiltrating the humanitarian aid organization because his father works for the UN and he himself had worked for the United Nations Development Program.

El-Halabi acknowledged that his father, Halil El-Halabi, who has served as head of UNWRA's educational institutions in the Gaza Strip for years, is a member of Hamas and uses his position as a UN employee to help the terrorist organization. Shortly after being employed by World Vision, El-Halabi began to use his position to benefit the Islamist terrorist organization, primarily by diverting funds meant as aid to strengthen the Hamas terrorist arm. El-Halabi was appointed director of the Gaza branch where he controlled the budget, equipment and aid packages which amounted to tens of millions of dollars.

The alleged funneling of tens of millions of World Vision charity dollars to Hamas for terror purposes is only a tiny example of the massive abuse of aid cash intended for Gaza residents that instead is used to fund Hamas, a senior Knesset member who used to head the Shin Bet intelligence agency said Monday. The funneling of international aid to finance terror by Hamas and other violent Islamist groups in the Gaza Strip is widespread and the world is hideously naive as regards the scope of the problem.

Australia and Germany have suspended funding to the World Vision. Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) called the allegations deeply troubling, and said that it was urgently seeking more information from World Vision. We are suspending the provision of further funding to World Vision for programs in the Palestinian Territories until a rigorous investigation is complete. Any diversion of the generous support of the Australian and international community for military or terrorist purposes by Hamas is to be deplored.

At the end of the week it was announced that a worker for Save the Children organisation has also been working for Hamas.

As we can see from the above information, we can no longer take anything at face value. We need to be sure and thorughly check out every organisation that we partner with in any way. I we discover that they have no heart or interest in Israel, the alarm bells should be ringing.

The Lord bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the God of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their God.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for that breakthrough to the Muslims, and please remember to pray Divine protection for all of the soldiers in the IDF. 

Shabbat Shalom  .....  David & Josie
This Weeks News Items

1. Olympic Committee Finally Honors Slain Israeli Atheletes   Associated Press   Aug 5th

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach led a mourning ceremony Wednesday for the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches slain by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics  a tribute that a widow of one of the victims said brought closure for the families. With two widows of the victims and several current Israeli team members looking on, Bach said the Munich massacre was an attack not only on our fellow Olympians but also an assault on the values that the Olympic Village stands for.  Bach led a minute of silence during the inauguration of a place of mourning in the athletes village in Rio de Janeiro.  A memorial in honor of Israeli Olympic athletes killed by Palestinian gunmen at the 1972 Munich Olympics stands in the Olympic Village ahead of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) held the memorial for the 11 Israelis who were killed.
Families of the Munich victims have campaigned for years for greater public recognition for the dead from the International Olympic Committee. The IOC refused to hold a moment of silence for the Israeli victims during the opening of the 2012 London Games, 40 years after the attack.  We waited for this for 44 years, to have this remembrance and recognition of our loves ones who were killed so brutally in Munich, one family, member said Wednesday. We wanted them to be really accepted as members of the Olympic family. Now that President Bach had a minute of silence in the Olympic village, calling out the names of our loves ones, this is closure for us. Another family member said: I never believed its going to come after 44 years. This is a moment of history. Lets pray for the safety of everyone at the Brasil Olympics

2.  Israel Slams Obama For Defending Iran Deal    Israel Today News    Aug 6th

US President Obama on Friday was once again insisting that his Iran nuclear deal is succeeding, and even claimed that Israel had acknowledged as much.  Israel's Defense Ministry was quick to call out Obama's false assertion, and to suggest the American was a fool if he still believed Iran to be a genuine partner. The Israelis went on to liken Obama's Iran deal to the utterly nonsensical Munich agreement that failed to prevent World War II and permitted the Nazis to launch their initial assaults unimpeded. The Munich agreement did not prevent the Second World War and the Holocaust, precisely because their basic assumption, that Nazi Germany could be a partner to any kind of agreement, was wrong, and because the leaders of the world at that time ignored the explicit statements by Hitler and the rest of the leaders of Nazi Germany. The Defense Ministry noted that Iran's leaders continue to threaten Israel and other nations in the region, and Tehran continues to be the world's leading state sponsor of Islamic terror, as reported by the US State Department. As such, Obama's coddling of the ayatollahs is doing more harm than good, just as the kid-glove handling of Hitler ultimately led to the destruction of a continent and the deaths of millions. The response caused some panic for PM Netanyahu, who was not made aware of the Defense Ministry statement before it was published. According to government officials, Netanyahu quickly phoned US Ambassador Dan Shapiro to downplay the harsh rhetoric, and to reassert that despite disagreement over the Iran deal, Israel still sees America as its greatest ally.
Please pray that the US State Department wakes up to realise the folly of the Iran nuclear deal

3. World Vision Funding Hamas Terror With Christian's Donations    Ha Aretz News   Aug 4th

The Islamist organization Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, has allegedly infiltrated the international Christian-sponsored aid group World Vision, which provides services in the strip, and has used it to funnel tens of millions of dollars to Hamas military wing, Israel's Shin Bet security service has reported. Following the lifting of a gag order, it can be reported that in June, the Shin Bet arrested the director of World Vision's Gaza branch at the Erez crossing point while he was en route from Israel to Gaza. The director, Mohammad el- Halabi, is suspected of carrying out a number of security offenses, with the Shin Bet contending that he directed World Vision funds to Hamas military wing for use in part to dig military-related tunnels and to purchase weapons. A sum of $80,000 from British donors that had been contributed to assist needy families, the unemployed and in support of various projects in the Gaza Strip were used to build a Hamas position in the Gaza town of Beit Hanun, to pay Hamas activists salaries as bonus payments to Hamas members who had fought Israel during the 2014 war, the Shin Bet said.  Lets pray that people are more careful with who they give aid donations

4. UN Employee Charged With Funding Hamas     Times of Israel News  Aug 9th

On Tuesday Israel accused a United Nations employee of taking advantage of his position to assist the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, the third such allegation in less than a week. Shin Bet officers arrested Borsh, a resident of Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip, as he made his way into the coastal enclave through the Erez Crossing in late July. During his interrogation, Borsh told investigators that in 2014, he was directed by Hamas to focus on his work in the UNDP in a way that would allow Hamas to extract the greatest possible benefit from him, the Shin Bet said. This investigation also demonstrates how Hamas exploits the resources of international aid organizations at the expense of the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, the security service said.  Please pray that all such international funding of Hamas is uncovered and stopped

5. Arab Woman Threatens to Stab IDF Soldier   Times of Israel News   Aug 9th

Israeli Border Police on Tuesday arrested a Palestinian woman who allegedly threatened them with a knife at a checkpoint near the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, police said in a statement. Using pepper spray, the officers overpowered the woman and arrested her and took her in for questioning.  No one was hurt in the incident.

6. Gaza Tunnel Collapse Injures Islamic Jihad Terrorisits    Arutz 7 News  Aug 10th

At least 10 Islamic Jihad terrorists were injured when a terror tunnel leading into Israeli territory collapsed in Gaza late on Tuesday, Palestinian and Israeli media reported. According to the reports, a few others were missing following the collapse of the tunnel in the Shuja'iyya neighborhood of Gaza City. The incident is just the latest of many similar collapses of Gaza tunnels in recent months. On Saturday, a 22-year-old Hamas terrorist was killed when a tunnel collapsed in Gaza. Hamas has been busily reconstructing its terror tunnel network breaching into Israeli territory, and after one of the collapses, some media reports speculated that a secret Israeli weapon - and not heavy rains - was responsible for the cave-ins. A senior Israeli security official recently warned that Hamas is digging 10 kilometers in tunnels leading into Israel per month.  Lets pray that all of the terror tunnels collapse

7. Priests are Being Prepared for Service in the Third Temple    Keonig News

The Temple Institute, dedicated to reestablishing the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and in keeping its memory alive, announced recently that it is opening a school for training Levitical priests for their eventual service in a new temple. The institute ran several pilot programs in recent years and now "is embarking on a mission to teach Kohanim (Levitical Priests) all the practical skills required to serve in the Third Holy Temple." The Temple Institute hopes one day to replace the Dome of the Rock with the Third Holy Temple, but not by violent means. The Institute has reconstructed nearly all of the sacred vessels needed to perform the services in a rebuilt Temple in their original size, including the High Priest's breastplate featuring the 12 precious stones of the tribes of Israel, the half-ton golden menorah and the musical instruments of the Levitical choir. Visitors to the Old City can see the beautiful display of these vessels and view films on how they were used at the Institute's center in the Jewish Quarter. Lets pray that the mosque is removed as soon as possible  
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