Saturday, 15 November 2014


Washington National Cathedral To Host Muslim Prayer Service For First Time In American History
November 14, 2014 | 

The Washington National Cathedral will host a Muslim prayer service on Friday -- for the first time in American history.

Why is National Cathedral hosting a prayer service for a religion that opposes the teachings of Christianity?

I asked Erwin Lutzer, the pastor of Moody Church, about the significance of this moment. What he told me should be shared!

Pastor Lutzer: "The National Cathedral was dedicated to be a house of worship for Christians.

Although tolerance is a commendable virtue, we might well wonder why this Cathedral will be used to host a prayer service for a religion which opposes the teachings of Christianity.

The message it sends to the nation is that Islam and Christianity are fundamentally the same and only superficially different, when in point of fact the opposite is true: Islam and Christianity are only superficially the same but fundamentally different.

Not only does the Koran deny that Jesus was crucified, but it also teaches that the greatest blasphemy is to believe that God became man.

Thus the very foundation of the Christian faith is vigorously opposed."

"We can be thankful that we live in America, a country that does allow freedom of religion.

In this country, Muslims are permitted to live where they wish and build mosques and worship as they please.

But let us not allow our tolerance to blind us to the supremacist agenda of Islam here in America and around the world.

As Christians we do believe in a different God and we worship Jesus as divine Savior."


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