Saturday, 5 April 2014



So what is happening? Is somebody having the rug pulled out from under them?

1) The International Space Station (ISS) was the replacement of the Russian MIR Space Station, a military weapon.

2) All the modules for the ISS were designed in Russia. NASA was largely only used to transport them into space with the Space Shuttle and assist Russia with the orbital guidance system for the station.

3) Last year RUSSIA took over the responsibility for transport operations to and from the station, when the US space shuttles were permanently retired.

4) The ISS has long been planned to be the platform of a Russian, giant, nuclear-driven, Mid Infrared Deuterium Fluorine Chemical Laser (MIRACL) weapon that can strike any target on earth and literally “send fire down from heaven.”

5) Now, as the result of the Ukraine crisis, NASA is further “suspending” its contact with Russia over the joint operations of the station.

6) Should this situation worsen, Russia “may” take over full operation and control of the ISS completely.

7)  Militarily, would this be a good thing for the United States, or indeed the world? Absolutely not.

8) Why? Well if you look at the maps of the ISS orbits on the link below, particularly the map on the extreme left, you will see that as the ISS orbits the earth as it spins on its axis, over a very short period of time the ISS spins a giant ‘spider’s web’ of tracks over the whole earth except for the North and South Poles. The orbit of the ISS has beenprecisely designed this way so that at a predetermined time, any military target on earth can be struck with either a nuclear-driven laser or plasma weapon from space  – and its very very clever indeed. It will enable the Russians (or whoever is ultimately in control of the station) to blow up anything on earth with a powerful beam of light – the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem or the US Capitol Building in Washington D.C. for example – replicating a burning comet or fiery asteroid  – and in so doing allow the perpetrators to escape all the blame – claiming it was a natural event, or worse, divine judgment from heaven! Tricky eh?

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