Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Dear Friends,

Thank you to those who were able to give and support the ministry in the Philippines for which David Hoyle raises funds. The following article below comes from Ariel who is one of the workers and greatly encouraged me today when I received it. I'm sure the report of God at work will do the same for you.....How great is our God, how great is His Name!
If you can would like to help these brothers in the please send any gifts to; 

 Mr David Hoyle, 39 Rydal Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 4SD

Marnatha! These dear brethren in the Philippines have a vibrant hope and expectancy for the soon return of the Lord Jesus.
Shalom! Praise God for His wondrous works. Trust you are all well together with Mom Ann and also the ministry that God entrusted 
to you. Dad thank you so much for your constant prayers I knew you did it. Our trip in Midsalip was so successful, The Lord uses us
there to minister to our brethren and to reach out also some unbelievers for Christ. Our Pastor who is working in that place is so eager
and on fire for the Lord's ministry. I meet two person who was notorious killers in that place they are rebel soldiers and sometimes used
by some Politicians as Hitman a gun for hire job. But presently they are now born again and new creation in Christ. They are from tribal
people in Midsalip, A Subanen tribe. They testify about their conversion how they gave their lives to the Lord. Presently they are now
actively studying the word of God and zealous for the works of ministry. They are influence people of their tribe.So many tribal people saved and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Through the effort of our Pastor that working in that area.
After my preaching during their 2nd year Thanksgiving Celebration there are 10 children that I prayed and dedicated to the Lord
through the request of their parents. Our local church in that area is growing.Please pray for our Pastor there namely Paterno Ruiz,
He needs more wisdom,knowledge and understanding.Also he increased in learning by the word of God.They join on our conference
this March. Let's pray also for their needs in their place, We are planning to plant another church in the neighboring barangay of the said
Town, In Midsalip. After our celebration also we conduct water baptism in Molave. Ten young people undergo in a water baptism.Glory to God.
Here I attached some photos taken during the said events. Dad Please pray for our mission trip in Butuan tomorrow , Instead we go to
Cebu,Camotes Island we refer to went in Butuan because I saw that they are more in needs and desperate. Take care always Dad.
Thank you so much for all your help and prayers for me and my family and the ministry as well.We miss you and we love you Dad.
Hope to see you and hear from you soon. God bless you more and more.I'll keep in touch again soon.
With our Love and Prayers,
Ariel, Aileen, David Leeniel and the Twins

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