Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Dear Friends,

Here is my diary of speaking engagements for the next few months, and also a look ahead to the New Year. Please pop along and see me at some of these events if you possibly can. It will be lovely to see you again.


NOV 18TH-22ND A HOLIDAY AND TEACHING BREAK AT BROCKLEY HALL, SALTBURN The theme for the week will be "THE SIGNIFICANCE OF NUMBERS IN SCRIPTURE AND IN PROPHECY". Special off-season bargain rates from £139 per person!! Please phone David or Angela on 01287 622329 for full details. This will be our final meeting at Brockley Hall, as sadly it will be closing down in December.

December 8th (Sunday) SALTBURN Usual morning and evening services at the Saltburn Evangelical Church in Leven Street. (Please contact me on 01904 470751 for further details).

March 17th-21st A HOLIDAY AND TEACHING BREAK AT CROMER. The venue will be the Christian Endeavour Conference Centre at The Pleasaunce, Overstrand, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 OPN (Tel: 01263 579212). The Christian itinerary will be as follows:
 17/3 Evening 1930hrs : Heaven..what on earth are we talking about!!!

18/3 Morning 1000hrs What does Jesus say about Heaven?
18/3 Evening 1930hrs Where is Heaven and who lives there?

19/3 Morning  1000hrs  What will we do in Heaven and other questions?
19/3 Evening  1930hrs  What train for Heaven please? How do you get there

20/3 Morning  1000hrs What's the Difference between "Heaven" and the "Millennium" ?
20/3 Evening  1930hrs "Praise my soul the King of Heaven............"  GLORY!!!!!!

We are sorry to announce that our Spring Residential Retreat planned for March 24th-28th will now be cancelled as BROCKLEY HALL, SALTBURN is closing down permanently this Christmas 2013.

April 21st to 25th. Holiday Retreat Special at ST.RHADAGUNDS CONFERENCE CENTRE AT VENTOR IN THE ISLE OF WIGHT The title for the seminar will be the "END TIMES TRUTHS FROM GENESIS". Please phone 01983 852160 for further information.

ADVANCE WARNING OF OUR HOLIDAY AND TEACHING CONFERENCE IN CROATIA from October 12th-19th next year. Please phone me on 01904 470751 for more information and fuller details. 

November 3rd to the 7th Nov 2014. Another Conference Retreat at the BEECHWOOD COURT Hotel, Conway, NORTH WALES, when the subject matter will be "VITAL TRUTHS FOR THE LAST DAYS". Please phone 01492 593405 for more details.

I regret to announce that the BPF tour we were arranging for Pastor Bill Randles from Rapid Springs in IOWA in the USA from October 24th to November11th this year has been cancelled. Please contact me on 01904 470751 if you wish to know more about this.

Love in Jesus,

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